On the Water

Well, I took way too many photographs on the pelagic tour in the Bay of Fundy… it was primarily a whale-watching boat tour, but we got to see plenty of birds too. It was a beautiful day. And I am convinced the Humpback Whales know exactly what’s going on and they willingly provide entertainment. I believe we saw 9 of them – with the captain of the boat calling each one by name, depending on the pattern of white coloring underneath its tail.

Great Shearwater and Herring Gull
Humpback Whale
A pod of three Humpbacks…

Here’s another Storm-Petrel to add to my life list.

As we got closer to the whales…they seemed to become more active.

One or two of a Sooty Shearwater…

We had a lot of Great Black-backed Gulls throughout the tour, but I seem to have captured a only Herring Gulls in these photos. It is remarkable to take a photograph of a bird flying alongside the boat – it occurred to me going through these shots that you rarely get this perspective.

Great Shearwaters outnumbered every other species but I adore them and think they’re very photogenic. You can see how they got their name, looking in one or two photos like they’re walking on water…

Of course we were eager to see Atlantic Puffins. There weren’t many close to the boat but I did my best to capture this one…or two?

A Common Tern, not too close to the boat…

I invite you to click on the series of pictures below – I know they look a lot alike but whales don’t move as fast as birds and between the boat motion and the whales themselves maybe you get some of the idea of what it was like to see them…

I might add that the water was clean, free of debris and wonderful to see.

I will be back with more pictures from the trip to New Brunswick and Grand Manan. I have been home today trying to get my heat fixed, so that has given me a little more time to attend to this post. So far the repairman doesn’t know what’s wrong, but the sun is shining and we should be warm enough in the house for the next few days. I hope to get it fixed soon and not have to take any more time off of work.

9 thoughts on “On the Water

    • It was quite remarkable. One gets the feeling so much these days you don’t know what to expect, but it was thrilling to see healthy whales doing their thing.

  1. Excellent photo work! What a clear day to see whales and seabirds. I was very pleased with your wonderful shots! I want to see more! Good to hear from you again, Lisa. 🙂

    • Thanks, H.J.! It’s been a struggle getting through a zillion commitments lately but I am determined to eventually publish more posts somehow… I love it when the pictures can speak for themselves. 🙂

  2. Excellent! I’m enjoying your Canada photos, and I’m glad you were able to see so much… but you do seem to make the best of all your trips. Hope the heat is back, those bumps in the road are always so annoying.

    • Thanks, Frank! I’m feeling lucky about the furnace, I was referred to a neighbor who knows what he’s doing… It’s cold and blustery today so I hope the repair works (he’s installing new parts now)!

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