A Few Fall Warblers

Blackpoll Warbler

I’ve been trying to get back to this page for a long time, but between busy weekends and even more hectic workdays, it’s been difficult to even imagine a blog post. Good intentions being what they may, I am resurfacing briefly here with some pictures from last Saturday morning in Columbus Park – before it rained on that day.

Black-and-White Warbler
Palm Warbler
Magnolia Warbler

No less surprising, I suppose, is the fact that I cancelled my walk that was supposed to take place at Thatcher Woods this morning because it was thunderstorming off and on all night and with Thatcher Woods being in a flood plain, even though the rain has stopped, it would still be too challenging to slosh around in the soggy grass looking for bedraggled, wet migrants. Indeed the entire weekend promises to be raining or cloudy. Maybe I can get caught up with some overdue blogging, as it is definitely an indoor pursuit.

Not a warbler, but practically hiding like one.

Fall warblers look a lot less flashy in general than they do in the spring, and it can be a bit challenging to determine who’s who. Luckily I got a lot of observation time with Blackpolls a few years ago when I used to go to Lake Shore East Park so they’re kind of stamped on my brain.

Below is a little video I took with my phone on Tuesday morning, which was beautiful and sunny. I had just stepped out the front door to walk to the train when I heard, and then saw, about six Tennessee Warblers foraging in my front yard which is small but full of native vegetation. They’re not easy to see – watch for movement and then you will see the birds her and there eventually, albeit they are very small! I put this up on Facebook Tuesday but wanted to share again for those who didn’t see it there. I feel like this is a testament to my native plant experiment that seem to get better every year. It’s almost as if the warblers got out their GPS and found “Certified Wildlife Habitat”. ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “A Few Fall Warblers

  1. Hey Lisa, very nice selection of photos. I especially like the first Black and White photo – it looks like he is peering down right at you! The shot of the Magnolia is wonderful. Your video is really sweet. I wonder if they were a flock just passing through? Fall migration in progress? Birds do seem to get the word out about places with good eats.
    All the best birding!

    • Thanks, Joanne! I haven’t been out all that much between work and weather, so I’m glad for the birds I have seen. The front yard bunch was a delightful surprise. And gratifying given the fact that we lost a lot of trees on the block this summer. It is funny when the birds peer down at me, it’s almost as if they’re lecturing me. Happy migration… ๐Ÿ™‚

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