Asters’ Last Stand

Autumn is such a beautiful season. It evokes nostalgia, I guess, for the spring and summer seasons preceding it, and then comes up with its own color palette on the way to the grays and browns of dormancy. That very transformation may be why it’s my favorite season. I also love the cool, crisp mornings and the angle of the light. And now I will be loving the cool that much more because it will be outside my house instead of inside. I began writing this post tonight during my new furnace installation.

Common Yellowthroat (female)

This is a short, discombobulated tribute to my native garden that continues to evolve with all the visitors it attracts.

I stepped out the front door a few days ago and found the asters buzzing with activity…

I don’t know how many Northern Cardinals are here, as I have not seen more than one at a time lately. But it was nice to have one that seemed more curious than shy.

I haven’t been birding enough lately to report about fall migrants. I did find the two warblers featured in this post right outside two weekends ago. I hope to lead a bird walk at Columbus Park this coming Saturday and maybe we will see some more birds. The House Finch and Downy Woodpecker are regulars in my yard.

Cabbage White Butterfly

This was the very last Monarch Butterfly in my backyard garden on October 5.

Goodbye to all the butterflies, and it seems most of the bees and other pollinators are done for the year as well. The leaves are taking on their fall colors. The evenings are colder and the days are much shorter. Halloween is on the horizon. The New England Asters in the backyard have grown back over the sidewalk. And my new furnace is working.

12 thoughts on “Asters’ Last Stand

  1. Thanks, Lisa. As usual, nice pics.
    We still have one straggler hummingbird for the past 5 days through yesterday. Haven’t been it yet this morning. It’s the latest appearance at our feeders ever. I’ve been marking first and last day seen since 2014.

  2. Lovely collection of photos! I enjoyed the buzzy video, those pollinators were havin’ fun and, no doubt, grateful for the vegetation. I think Fall is the best season — the fall foliage here in Maine is exceptional and the crisp, clear early mornings are a delight.
    Catching up on your blog — Your photos in your previous post were wonderful. You have a great way with composition and capturing the movement of all the incredible creatures.
    All the best birding!

    • Thanks so much, Joanne! As you can tell I’ve had a hard time getting back to this page lately… we’ve since had snow and trees shedding leaves before they’ve had a chance to get colorful. Maine in the fall sounds wonderful!

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