Columbus Park Add-On

SOSP 10-6-18-1910

Song Sparrow, Columbus Park

In my haste to publish my last post, as I never know when the opportunity to put one together will present itself…I forgot to process other photographs from that day, so here they are.

NOFL 10-6-18-1854

Northern Flicker, a/k/a “Yellow-Shafted,” showing off those yellow shafts and matching the color of the leaves left on the tree

Not all that easy to see, but the camera found the Black-Throated Green Warbler below…

BTGR 10-6-18-1929And very early on we had a solitary back-lit Downy Woodpecker trying to preen in the wind…DOWP10-6-18-1933Then here are a couple more birds from 311 South Wacker … a Hermit Thrush, finally! They inevitably seem to engage with me, as if to say, “May I help you find something?”

And a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet…

I think this is the last time I saw a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker downtown. They seem to have come and gone really fast.

YBSA 10-1-18-1644

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

SOSP 10-6-18-1916

Song Sparrow

Now that I’m finished with last week (!), yesterday turned out to be a great morning at Thatcher Woods and then the Chicago Portage. I will try to report back soon, but the rest of today is already over-scheduled!

8 thoughts on “Columbus Park Add-On

    • Oh my Babsje, thank you! My humble Great Blue photographs — coming from you, the Great Blue Heron Whisperer — I think we were just fortunate to find the heron more distracted by its catch than us. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Lisa! Your comment brought a smile. Actually I feel the way you do – I’m always happy to even see any Herons at all on my own outings. Best, Babsje

    • Thanks! I was surprised to find it. The sun just managed to light up those golden shafts. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’m having issues with the camera I’m using and I am going to have it serviced… So it’s been harder and harder to get things in focus lately!

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