Four New Societies

Society Finch kids

Society Finch kids

I came home from work Friday night ready to do the usual cleanup and was surprised to find these guys all sitting on top of the nest box, looking definitely as big as their parents, if clueless.

Society 4 Kids 2-23-14 1518.jpg-1518

There are four of them – unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control it’s hard to tell them apart at the moment.

Below is a little sample of what they sound like when they’re begging for food. There was some guitar music on the radio, in the background. There’s also a little Pietro Zebra Finch mixed in there too.

So as far as I can tell, two of them appear darker than the darkest adult, Phoenix, and one of them is close to Hector’s coloring.



There is another parent, I suspect – Rikki – but she would not pose for a picture. However one of the offspring has a pink bill, taking after her.



While the nestlings were still in the nest it was practically impossible to record their begging songs. The moment they sensed I was paying attention, like good little birds they immediately shut up.

4 Society Kids 2-23-14 2304.jpg-2304

Somehow the youngsters have not inherited the punk hairstyles. Maybe that comes later.

While I was waiting to record the babies begging, I managed to get some of Zorro’s song for his followers, a little solo song – with the radio instead of the piano in the background.

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    • Sometimes it’s like a forest indoors… The wind chime could have been in there too, with the way it’s been so windy. It plays over music on the radio and I think it’s part of the composition!

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