Afternoon Visitor

Cooper's Hawk on my neighbor's tree

Cooper’s Hawk on my neighbor’s tree

I haven’t been going very far on the weekends through the snow and cold, but I’m still drawn to the outdoors on whatever scale, so I guess that might explain why I have managed to see the local Cooper’s Hawk more frequently this winter. The bird doesn’t always stay for a photograph, but almost two weeks ago I managed to take these.

I first went around the other side of the house to get a picture of the sedum as I have never seen it.

Ice on Sedum Side of House 2-16-14 5575.jpg-5575

Then I ventured around back to see what was going on there. No birds at the feeders, but there was this squirrel eating sunflower seeds by the horse chestnut. The squirrel looks almost like a grey-fox mix to me but it’s most likely a grey squirrel.

Squirrel 2-16-14 5582.jpg-5582

Then I realized the explanation for no birds in the yard was undoubtedly the presence of the Cooper’s Hawk on my neighbor’s roof, next to the dish.

Cooper's Next Door 2-16-14 5610.jpg-5610

It wasn’t a great view but the bird was so close it was hard to resist taking photographs. And then even harder to crop out the dish.

Cooper's Next Door 2-16-14 5615.jpg-5615

When the coop grew tired of not being able to hide there, it flew out front to sit in my neighbor’s tree.

Cooper's Next Door 2-16-14 5722.jpg-5722

I haven’t found any telltale piles of feathers in the yard lately, but I haven’t seen hardly any mourning doves either. It will be interesting to see how many birds survive this winter. There is one benefit to the snow cover, however: I have not seen a certain black and white cat for months.

6 thoughts on “Afternoon Visitor

    • Thank you, Syl. When you figure out how to keep the cats away, let me know… Nothing seems to repel them. I’m going to go heavy on citrus peels this year and see if that works. I’ve developed a craving for grapefruit lately. 🙂

    • Thanks, Bob! I think this particular Cooper’s is getting a little tired of me but it’s probably had success in my yard or it wouldn’t keep coming back. 🙂

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