Safe Passage For Amur Falcons Through India

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Also in Tanzania I was forturnate enough to see Amur Falcons which migrate from Siberia to the African continent. They have recently been rescued from indiscriminate slaughter, which I did not know about when I saw them. Read all about it at the link to this blog on National Geographic’s page.

Safe Passage For Amur Falcons Through India.

4 thoughts on “Safe Passage For Amur Falcons Through India

    • The balance between other species and the rest of us is a continuous challenge, unfortunately. I don’t think people realize that numbers among the harvested species are finite. Don’t get me started on the capture and sale of migrant songbirds in European countries. And the vital interconnection between individual species and the environment is lost on most people. Look at what’s happening with the bees and the monarch butterflies. It seemed they would be here forever. I am encouraged whenever I read that somewhere someone is trying to stop the tide, however small the effort may seem in the big picture. Sometimes it seems like hope is all we have left.

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