Summer Doldrums

Flower 6-22-14-1870Apologies are in order, I suppose. I have been a blogging laggard.

Grasshopper 6-22-14-1876

Two-Striped Grasshopper

Baby Grasshopper 6-22-14-1880

Baby Two-Striped Grasshopper

After struggling to manage a post all week I’m not doing any better this weekend. There seem to be too many other things that have to get done, and then that stuff that really gets in the way, like sleeping and eating.

Dragonfly 6-22-14-1955

Blue Dasher

So this is a little picture postcard from last Sunday at McGinnis (this Sunday has yet to be processed). Weekends have been hot and steamy. I suspect I move a little slower in the heat. Maybe my brain does too.

Meadowhawk or Skimmer 6-22-14-1862

Unidentified Meadowhawk

Butterfly 6-22-14-1942

Red-Spotted Purple

Moth 6-22-14-1913Meadowhawk 6-22-14-0276Dragonfly 6-22-14-1951Dragonfly 6-22-14-0268

With any luck I will add identities to some of these creatures tomorrow.

I hope to start making up for all of this over the holiday. Thanks for your patience!

Update 7-10-14: My friend Linda Padera who has been paying attention to butterflies and dragonflies a lot longer than I have weighed in on my butterfly ID and I have corrected it to Red-Spotted Purple. She said the clear-winged Meadowhawks are difficult to pin down but “Striped” was not an option in this part of the country so I have changed it to “Unidentified” after checking some sources on the Internet that have not helped me to determine whether it was a Ruby or White-Faced Meadowhawk, the two most likely choices. This is harder than birds!

The Joy of Bugs

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher...with gnat!

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher…with gnat!

I thought I had more bug-licious pictures from this spring, but this is all I have been able to find upon review… As an aside, I was reminded recently of the number of bug parts allowed in human food before it can be labeled defective.

When I first went through my pictures of this Baltimore Oriole I thought he had a strange green cast to the side of his face. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a worm.

Baltimore Oriole with worm

Baltimore Oriole with worm

Summer is finally here officially, bugs, heat, humidity and all. The forecast seems to imply spontaneous thunderstorms could happen at any time. Hot weather tends to make me feel like doing less, but the days are longer, so it’s kind of a guilt-trip situation if it’s still light and I feel like I haven’t done enough. Let’s see. This morning I went to the bank to sign some papers, stopped back home before I went to the dentist, then made four stops for food items, came home, took a nap on the futon after I put the groceries away, played piano while the budgies napped, cleaned the dining room, then fed the birds. Then made guacamole. Why do I feel as if I haven’t accomplished anything today?

And who knew cardinals ate bugs? Somehow they always struck me as being vegetarian. The guy below is enjoying one of those juicy little green guys.

Cardinal with Worm IMG_6725_1

Oh well, I’m off to bed early so I can get up before dawn and see if I can find more bugs, or birds that eat them.