Cabin Fever Blues, Second Verse

Cooper's 1-26-14 3463.jpg-3463

Just when I was about ready to fall off the deep end of my inertia, I looked out the back window and saw this Cooper’s Hawk sitting in my redbud tree. So I guess there could be some advantage to cabin fever after all. Seeing as how I never get to see this character that my neighbor has often told me shows up every afternoon…

Cooper's 1-26-14 3468.jpg-3468Cooper's 1-26-14 3509.jpg-3509

Cooper's 1-26-14 3519.jpg-3519Too bad the pictures had to be taken through the back window and a screen, but the bird sat there long enough for me to grab the camera and the lens and even appeared to be yawning, probably from the cold more than boredom with the photo shoot.

Cooper's 1-26-14 3503.jpg-3503