Cabin Fever Blues

Female Cardinal at Home 1-25-14 3437.jpg-3437

Female Northern Cardinal on the sunflower seed feeder

I’ve got the Cabin Fever Blues. Don’t bother watching the news. (Random thoughts after shoveling…)

Chicago Lakefront thru the Office Window 1-24-14 3358.jpg-3358

Chicago Lakefront view from the office

It’s the same old thing. Still snowing.

Snowtracks 1-21-14 3318.jpg-3318

Snowtracks in the Cancer Survivor’s Garden

I’ve got the Too Blues too.

House Sparrows at Cancer Survivor 1-21-14 3290.jpg-3290

House Sparrows at the Cancer Survivor’s Garden

Too cold, too windy.

Snow-capped Dirt Pile 1-21-14 3320.jpg-3320

Snow-capped temporary hill made from dirt removed from Daley Bicentennial Plaza

Too many Toos to handle.

Junco 1-21-14 3347.jpg-3347

Dark-Eyed Junco at the Cancer Survivors’ Garden

(I did manage to get down to the lakefront once last week, but after that, it wasn’t possible.)

Sub-zero has many faces.

Robin 1-21-14 3356.jpg-3356

American Robin, yews, Cancer Survivors’ Garden

Ice and hard, sculpted snow.

City Ice 1-17-14 3077.jpg-3077

Slipping and sliding, or crunching and sinking.

Junco at Home 1-25-14 3423.jpg-3423

The sun looks like the moon

City Sky 1-17-14 3047.jpg-3047

And the clouds like an ocean.

Cloudy Sky 1-17-14 3051.jpg-3051

I guess this red hedge sculpture by the yacht club is designed to brighten up the place. This was a couple weeks ago after the thaw…

Red Hedge Sculpture 1-17-14 3086.jpg-3086

Better Crows 1-17-14 3075.jpg-3075White-winged Crow 1-22-14 3323.jpg-3323

There’s even a little white in the left wing of this cold snow-crow…

Horned Grebes Revisited

Horned Grebe IMG_4124_1

Horned Grebe, Monroe Harbor 4/5/13

Within the last week or so, the Horned Grebes hanging around Monroe Harbor just north of the Chicago Yacht Club have undergone their transformation into breeding plumage.

Horned Grebe, Monroe Harbor 3/26/13

Horned Grebe, Monroe Harbor 3/26/13

Only a glimmer of color was beginning to show on March 26.

Horned Grebes Monroe Harbor IMG_3439_1

Pair of Horned Grebes, 3/28/13

And two days later I took the picture above. Then on Friday, two males were diving and swimming around in the water by the boat docks. They must recognize me by now because they were easier to photograph. Indeed one kept fishing in my direction.

Horned Grebe IMG_4129_1

In the picture below, he almost appears to be smiling.

Horned Grebe Smiling IMG_4133_1

With the next shutter click, he was diving after whatever it was he was smiling about.

Horned Grebe Diving IMG_4134_1


Horned Grebe Diving IMG_4135_1

I hope he got whatever it was he was after.

Horned Grebe Diving IMG_4136_1

Also on Friday, yacht club workers were starting to line up buoys to put in the water. With the increase in human activity, I suspect it was my last chance to see the grebes this season. Good luck fishing and breeding, my litttle grebe friends!


Horned Grebe

Horned Grebe IMG_2941_1

Every spring I watch and wait for Horned Grebes to return to the lakefront. This afternoon, on an otherwise blustery, windblown day, the sun shown long enough to wake up a Horned Grebe taking a nap in Monroe Harbor.

Horned Grebe IMG_2900_1

He woke up and started swimming toward me.

Horned Grebe IMG_2909_1

And allowed me to watch him scan the water for places to dive.

Horned Grebe IMG_2934_1

Horned Grebe IMG_2959_1

Until he disappeared for the last time.

Horned Grebe IMG_2960_1