Horned Grebe

Horned Grebe IMG_2941_1

Every spring I watch and wait for Horned Grebes to return to the lakefront. This afternoon, on an otherwise blustery, windblown day, the sun shown long enough to wake up a Horned Grebe taking a nap in Monroe Harbor.

Horned Grebe IMG_2900_1

He woke up and started swimming toward me.

Horned Grebe IMG_2909_1

And allowed me to watch him scan the water for places to dive.

Horned Grebe IMG_2934_1

Horned Grebe IMG_2959_1

Until he disappeared for the last time.

Horned Grebe IMG_2960_1

9 thoughts on “Horned Grebe

    • Aha. But maybe you get the Clark’s or Western more often than we do…? Sometimes we get Eared Grebes which are similar to the Horned Grebes and I have to do a reality check.

      • We do also get some Eared Grebes. I saw a Western Grebe last year which is unusual for here, and a Clark’s would definitely be a rarity here.

    • Thanks. I was a little disappointed with my equipment (I don’t carry the best camera and lens downtown every day) but the bird was cooperative (maybe that’s why)!

    • Yes, but it’s not apparent in this plumage. By the end of next month they will have little tufts pointing skyward from the tops of their heads. I now realize I should have mentioned that but it was late last night and I just wanted to send up a flare about anything (it’s been a busy week).

    • Thanks! He was really cute when he was curled up into a ball sleeping but too far away to get a picture. I had to check to make sure he wasn’t a piece of plastic.

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