Quick Visit to McGinnis

So while I had other things in mind, after a quick visit to McGinnis Friday morning I decided to make this my next post. Singing Marsh Wrens greeted me, You can hear a little snippet of this one’s song below.

Marsh Wren

I never know if I am going to see these guys, but sometimes I get lucky and this time I did.

There were Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons at a distance and I tried to leave them be. They managed to rearrange themselves in spite of my caution anyway.

The only decent photograph of a Great Egret was in flight. I managed to count four of them but they were distant.

There’s usually Wood Ducks by the same fallen log.

On my way to the overlook of the main slough I encountered this Great-crested Flycatcher.

I can never predict these days when or where I will see a European Starling.

There was a very vocal pair of Eastern Kingbirds.

So far I have only had one token Double-crested Cormorant flying over anywhere and this location was no exception.

But that might be easier to understand here as there was barely any water. What looked like the slough a couple months ago – April 4 to be exact – now looks like a bog.

You can’t totally ignore the Red-winged Blackbirds.

There was a tiny Pearl Crescent.

Lots of things to do with performances to attend and things opening up everywhere. I am still trying to be cautious but it gets harder the better I feel. There’s a nugget of wisdom in there somewhere that escapes me. I’ll try to be back soon.

4 thoughts on “Quick Visit to McGinnis

  1. How lovely to be able to take pictures of the wren. I often see wrens here but they hardly ever stop for long enough to get their picture taken. Great heron shots.

    • Thank you so much. I was just lucky to be on site when the Marsh Wren decided to give a concert. I sometimes think the birds show off because they know I’m listening. And I like this place because so often I am the only human there…

  2. Nice shots of the marsh wren. I have yet to see one this year. I also liked the black-crowned night heron. Still seeing more yellow-headed blackbirds out here in Montana. Saw a few Lazuli buntings and a badger that crossed the road and posed for a picture. Keep birding.

    • Wrens are so unpredictable. I was lucky this time. I once went to McGinnis a few years ago and there seemed to be dozens of them; it must have been closer to migration. The Lazuli Buntings sound great. And the Yellow-headed Blackbirds.

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