Visiting with Vireos

To add to the confusion or maybe to clarify instead, how about a little Vireo review? I misidentified a Warbling Vireo this morning while talking to a lovely birder I met on the trail in Riverside Lawn, thinking I saw the eyeline of a Red-eyed Vireo but when I reviewed my photographs, they were all of a Warbling Vireo. Either it’s been easier to see Warbling Vireos this year, or else it’s just the luck of being out more, but I have managed to capture them on several occasions. This bird was particularly easy to photograph because it was distracted by trying to grab some webbing, and maybe I was more distracted by its behavior as well.

Depending on the light, the slight yellowish cast on the breast can appear darker.

And then in this morning’s photographs, I had what appears to be a Philadelphia Vireo, which is very easy to confuse with the Warbling but is definitely more yellow on the breast in appearance and darker above.

The Red-eyed is most commonly seen and shouldn’t be confused with anybody else. Sometimes you see the red eye for which it is named but these photos from Saturday at Columbus Park did not capture that field mark.

I had to dig a little into the archives a bit for the other two vireos. Below is a Blue-headed Vireo I saw briefly at the Portage a couple weeks ago, but the other photographs are from the exact same time of year two years ago.

And I will end with the one least-often seen but always appreciated – the beautiful Yellow-throated Vireo. I captured these individuals on two separate occasions last fall at Bemis.

I’m glad we got that out of the way. I’ll be back with lots more.

Oh yes – most importantly: vireos always have blue feet which you may be able to see in some of the closer photos.

7 thoughts on “Visiting with Vireos

  1. Enjoyed the mini lesson and photos on vireos. The red eyed and warbling seem to be singing everywhere in the forests. With the leaves filling out they can be rather challenging to spot let alone photographic. Nicely done.

    • Thanks, Bob. After all that I started feeling a little cheated because I haven’t seen a White-eyed Vireo. One more bird to add to the nemesis list.

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