Cold, Snowy January – Part 2

Missing whatever nice, sunny weather during the week, I was determined to get out sometime over the three-day weekend when it wasn’t raining or snowing, so Monday the 18th was my only possible choice for a visit to the Portage. There may have been no snow but there was no light either. Although the sun was trying.

My attention is always drawn to this tree stump as I walk into the Portage and it’s become iconic, so expect to see it again.

Not surprisingly, Canada Geese were on the move.

Nothing like black and white birds and no light. With the exception of the touch of red on the male Downy, I could have taken these pictures without color… Well, the Chickadee does have a little beige to him.

The White-Breasted Nuthatch was so far away, this was the best shot I could get of him – upside down behind a branch.

It’s been hard to get motivated to go very far these days, but I do think next month I should try to venture a little farther as the days grow longer, at least. Until then, I don’t mind negotiating these snowy paths because they’re familiar.

The snow at least provided some light and contrast to the terrain.

You can’t see them, but trust me, there were Goldeneyes in the Des Plaines River.

So the water is frozen now and even the two ducks gave up. I did see a Mallard come in for a landing early on, but I never located it, so it must have taken off later. The only other thing I remember about this visit is one male House Finch singing his head off atop a tall tree way over on the other side, of course, so I couldn’t get his picture, but he filled up the otherwise quiet visit with hopeful sound.

I will be back with Part 3 shortly. I don’t want to imagine Part 4… We are anticipating a major snow storm. The radar looks pretty frightening. Luckily I don’t have to go anywhere today.

3 thoughts on “Cold, Snowy January – Part 2

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Julie was listening to Krista Tippett this morning while I was shoveling out. The guest was Drew Lanham, an ornithologist and poet who links music and birds. She immediately thought of you and thought you would like the podcast. Krista has the On Being program every Sunday on NPR at 7:00 AM. Today’s was:
    Drew Lanham
    ‘I Worship Every Bird that I See’
    You can search for it.

    • Thanks, Jim, I will check it out! I listen to Krista Tippett albeit infrequently… but I slept in this morning, fed all the birds, and began shoveling. I will listen before I go back out to continue digging. 🙂

    • Mmm – it was particularly interesting to listen to for Drew Lanham’s philosophy – and how the word “imagination” kept cropping up in the interview, which was the subject of a sermon I listened to this morning (as in whose imagination is it?) by a guest preacher named Nancy McDonald Ladd who is from Maryland right in the D.C. area – on YouTube from Unity Temple in Oak Park (it’s at about 37:19 on the video):

      But most touching was his comments at the end about how we’re all trying to figure out our own place in the world, almost who we are, daily, and what those moments observing birds and other elements of what we call “nature” can sustain and restore us. Thank you!

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