Cold, Snowy January – Part I

I have been to the Portage three times this month. These pictures are from the 9th, and there aren’t many of them, but I will do the visits in separate installments as an ode to Winter is Upon Us. Snow seemed a long time coming this year but we are likely going to get hit with a lot of it this week.

This very short post features more pictures of a slippery path than birds. I don’t know what i was thinking but I only had on my regular hiking boots that day, so I was hugging the periphery and moving very slowly to avoid sliding into oblivion.

The statue in very little light. Someone also managed a distressed looking snowman just off the parking lot. I guess this was our first recognizable accumulation of the winter.

More than anything else, flocks of Canada Geese continued to fly over, looking for open water, I suspect. There was very little open water left at the Portage and it was taken up by the two Mallards, one a Manky, at the top of the post.

One Song Sparrow managed to find my lens.

Parting shots of the water and the two ducks. And a little more open water…

I am glad I took this picture of a Fox Squirrel in my yard before I set out – he was the most colorful thing I saw all morning.

I plan to be back with posts from last weekend and yesterday… Soon!

In the meantime, after weeks of abandoning my Grim Reaper duties at home, which meant removing eggs from the Zebra Finches’ nests to avoid overpopulation, I am finally hearing some begging noises coming from the dining room. I was almost afraid I had conditioned the ZFs to give up sex – why bother? During all the trauma of the past month I felt like it might be fun to let them have a last fling and see some baby birds grow up for a while. Maybe it’s a vicarious wish to hone in on the birds’ perception of immortality.

4 thoughts on “Cold, Snowy January – Part I

  1. I’m surprised that you’re outdoors with the low temperature of Chicago and wind chill factors. It might be not so compatible with your recently broken arm. All the Canada geese have been gone from GA like a month ago. There’s another cold wave for the North now. Take care. Lisa. 🙂

    • The only problem I have with the cold is trying to focus the camera with my glasses and the lens fogging up! I am well bundled up and careful. Anyway a physical therapist told me two months ago that I was completed healed which means I can’t re-break my elbow unless – well – I fall on concrete, I guess. Not that I have any plans to fall anywhere. Thanks, H.J. Stay warm yourself! 🙂

    • So the next time I went out in my high boots with the bigger tread I was going up the hill and felt I was losing my footing – so I carefully slid/sat down and crawled to where I could get back up again. Not so bad, just felt silly.

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