Summertime Citified Crow Post

Flying Crow 07-11-17-1101Tuesday afternoon, before the rains came, I got a chance to go to Lake Shore East Park and visit with the Crows. There were two fledglings present. I expected to see them because I had already seen my first fledgling crow while sitting in the office last week: the Fire Escape Crow was taking one of its youngster for its first trip to the zoo, meaning the fire escapes that go up the sides of two buildings facing each other in an alley. If you are a Crow, you can hop from one level to the next and watch the people in cages inside.

So I had preening and flying Crows at Lake Shore East Park, and of course we had peanuts, but I was most intrigued by these two very young-looking fledged kids who were pretty quiet, a lot of just checking things out with those big blue eyes.

And it was nice to get a couple flight shots, seems to be easier now that I finally figured out the back button auto focus, I barely tried. Love when the feathers look like they’re dripping down.

On the way back from Lake Shore East I caught a Red Admiral on a flower in Millennium Park.

Red Admiral 07-11-17-1116And the cicada below was sitting on a wall underneath the locust trees still left after the Maggie Daley remodeling. It almost looks like a fledgling to me.

Cicada 07-11-17-0986One more Flying Crow shot almost out of the frame.

Flying Crow 07-11-17-0992Lots more coming when I get around to it. It’s a toss up these days as to where one spends more time, between sweat and air-conditioning. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “Summertime Citified Crow Post

  1. I see…You frolicking with your favorite pals! I hope you had plenty of peanuts to keep them happy! Nice shots, they look healthy and strong. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice pics. It’s funny how the Crows seem to be slowly coming back. About 20 years ago it seemed there were tons of them, then they disappeared, along with the Bluejays.

  3. Yes, I noticed that here as well that the blue jays seemed to disappear. For a while they really seemed to be suffering, I would see them looking all mite infested with large clumps of feathers missing so it was always a sad sight.
    The crows here seem to be fledging as well. A large flock of the suburban type ๐Ÿ™‚ were in the yard this morning making a racket. I suspect there was a hawk cowering somewhere but didn’t get a glimpse.
    This morning I am opting for air conditioning.

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