Brief Blackburnian Blitz


BLWA 5-14-17-2050BLWA 5-13-17-1511

I readily admit to obsession and distraction. Warblers are here. While there has been no definitive all-at-once-get-it-now-or-never rhythm to this spring’s warbler migration, the fits and starts due to divergent weather patterns have made it all the more challenging to find and photograph these elusive creatures.

This is just a quick post devoted to a couple Blackburnian Warblers seen over the weekend. The one in the oak tree directly above was at Jarvis Bird Sanctuary along the lakefront, and the other in what is likely a cottonwood tree, at the Chicago Portage. More of the Portage bird below, showing off striking black and white plumage. This bird was really distant so I apologize for the quality of the photos.

Many more birds to come, just needed to take a breath before diving back in.

BLWA 5-13-17-1519

BLWA 5-13-17-1521

8 thoughts on “Brief Blackburnian Blitz

  1. I wish the warblers would stay by my area for at least a week instead of flying over and miss me completely! Great shots Lisa! 🙂

    • Thanks! There seem to be more Blackburnians this year, for whatever reason, and yes, it was the striking black-and-white in contrast to the orange that inspired this post. I feel like I’m always so busy looking at the orange I have been missing the black-and-white. 🙂

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