Montrose and My CF Card Snafu

YRWA 4-9-17-0382

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

I hadn’t been to Montrose Point – the Magic Hedge – for years, so I thought it was a good idea when my friend Susan suggested we meet there on my one free Sunday morning this month, which turned out to be Palm Sunday on the calendar, for those of you who relate to that. It was a fine day, and not overly crowded with friendly birders or photographers, which can happen later in the season with warbler migration.

WIWR 4-9-17-0527

Winter Wren

I was pleased to discover that the paths are now more clearly marked and the natural areas roped off, which likely makes the birds feel more secure.

TRSW 4-9-17-0411

Tree Swallow

Unfortunately I only have maybe half the pictures I took, because I neglected to make sure they had all transferred off the camera that takes compact flash (“CF”) cards as well as SD cards.

While I was in Panama I discovered that I could no longer transfer pictures off a CF card reader to the laptop, so I had to wait until I got home to find the patch cord that came with the Mark III 5D and transfer them directly from the camera. Something has apparently changed in the software and I wonder if the plan is to render CF cards obsolete.

SWSP 4-9-17-0397

Swamp Sparrow

All that said, while I was transferring my Montrose pictures, the laptop appeared to be finished ingesting them and I disconnected the camera and wiped the card clean. Only when I went to process did I realize I was missing the last hour or so of photos that I took.

COGR 4-9-17-0448

Common Grackle

I was mourning this loss for days because I had some great shots and they were gone forever. But I also knew the loss would be minimized the sooner I took more pictures, and told myself it was a learning experience. (“What’s your favorite song?” “Uh, I guess the one I just wrote.”)

BHCB and RWBL 4-9-17-0499

Brown-Headed Cowbirds and one female Red-Winged Blackbird

I will never reformat a CF card, or an SD card, for that matter, again before I check to make sure I have transferred everything off of it. (Repeat after me…)

AMRO 4-9-17-0534

American Robin

After some deliberation it appears all the thrushes we saw were Hermit Thrushes, below.

One generous individual pointed out to us the female Coyote below, who otherwise faded into her surroundings.

Coyote 4-9-17-0568I won’t elaborate on what is missing from these pictures after we saw the coyote… I’ll be back soon with more from Panama, just needed to put this to rest.

P.S. Three more days until the March For Science!

8 thoughts on “Montrose and My CF Card Snafu

    • Thanks for your support. It was just my own stupidity about the thing. I’ve lost photos to a stolen laptop or a dead hard drive, but I just need to be more careful and roll with the ever-evolving technology punches.

  1. Don’t let any of those photographer’s bloopers deter you from shooting even better photographs!… Years ago, I went to Macchu-Picchu with some friends ~ after shooting many rolls of film with my best camera and a second camera with lesser quality. I tried my best to get the best shots in the world! The moment of truth came when the PhotoLab told me that all the rolls from the best camera were useless, the camera had a hairline crack on the bottom and light filtered through! Luckily I got some shots from the backup camera, not as great…Bummer! Years later I returned to MP and got what I wanted!
    Thank you for sharing Lisa. 🙂

    • Oh H.J. Thanks so much for sharing your tragic story… but what a happy ending. And yes I think I’ll be visiting Montrose more often. Glad the days of film are over!

    • Thanks, Donna. It’s hard to slow down when technology keeps forcing us to keep up with it, only to fail and remind us to slow down again. I think. ?

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