After the Flood: Part One

White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer, Ottawa Trail Woods

The weather has suddenly changed to hot, humid and sunny, and with it the landscape, but I don’t want to forget the last two weeks entirely as all the water has officially taken us off the drought list.

Flooding IMG_5793_1

So two weekends ago, I went to Ottawa Trail Woods after having been detoured in that direction, trying to get to the Chicago Portage. These pictures are some that I took on that expedition.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Yellow-Rumped Warblers were everywhere, enjoying the flooding. The trail was intact, but there was water everywhere else! There were also still a lot of Kinglets.

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

It was a great day for swallows, and I managed to get some flight pictures, which I always consider a worthy challenge. Both Northern Rough-Winged Swallows…

Northern Rough-Winged Swallow

Northern Rough-Winged Swallow

Northern RW Swallow IMG_5985_1

and Tree Swallows

Tree Swallow IMG_5964_1

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallows IMG_5955_1

Tree Swallow IMG_5953_1

Tree Swallow IMG_5945_1

Sapsuckers have mostly moved on, but they can still be seen here and there. The one below is a brightly-colored male. You can almost see the yellow on the belly…?

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Always room for a Black-Capped Chickadee and another Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

BC Chickadee IMG_6056_1

YR Warbler IMG_5888_1

And this Robin looks relieved to have a dry spot to sit in.

American Robin IMG_6105_1

Perhaps my bird of the day was the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher. With no leaves up high in the trees to hide in, he was very accessible for a second or two.

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher IMG_5897_1

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

I look forward to visiting here again, when it’s a little less flooded…

Flooding IMG_5991_1

6 thoughts on “After the Flood: Part One

  1. Great photos as usual, Lisa. I have trouble getting those swallows, and really any small bird in flight. Love your Yellow-rumped Warbler, and what a feat getting that Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in the open.

    • Thanks so much, Bob. It was a nice, quiet day after the flood, so maybe I blended in a bit more than usual. I was rather surprised I got the swallows myself, but I guess there was just so much water and so many of them… I’ve been in situations where they’re flying right over my head and well, they’re much faster than I am. 🙂

    • Thanks much. Yes, they are – the swallows always seem to return to the same area, but their flight pattern is so unpredictable, it’s hard to keep track of them! I got lucky.

    • Thanks. No doubt you did see a Ruby-Crowned – the Kinglets have been dropping down in full force this year. And now they seem to have vanished once again.

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