Brief Warbler Interruption

B&W Warbler Millennium IMG_4947_1

Black-and-White Warbler, Millennium Park

Please pardon this brief interruption.While I’ve been trying to get through other pictures for another post, I’ve been birding as usual on my infrequent lunch hours, interrupted by rain… (lots of it – maybe I should not have danced so hard through the drought?).

Rain IMG_4856_1

Chicago Loop in the rain

Yesterday on the way back from Millennium Park where I had basically seen nothing “new” and it started to rain again…I was carrying my 40D, an umbrella and the peanut bag, I had forgotten I had the camera on another setting for the rain pictures on the way in… and who should show up but my first-of-year Black-and-White Warbler, looking very bedraggled and wet, behaving like a Brown Creeper scaling the tree trunks, but definitely not a Brown Creeper.

B&W Warbler Millennium IMG_4934_1

In spite of the umbrella and the wrong setting a got a picture or two of the warbler anyway.

B&W Warbler Millennium IMG_4950_1

And here are a couple other volunteers from the park.

Common Grackle with nesting material

Common Grackle with nesting material

American Robin

American Robin

13 thoughts on “Brief Warbler Interruption

  1. I have never seen a black and white warbler..what a delightful little bird..all your photos are great..It is amazing what you can see if you just take time and look..have a great day..

    • Thanks, Jo Ann! I just got lucky. It will be a lot harder when the leaves come in and all the warblers are way, way up at the tippy tops of the trees…I’ll be staring at undertail coverts trying to figure out who’s who.

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