Ring-Billed Romance

RB Gull IMG_4137_1

It’s tempting to ignore Ring-Billed Gulls, especially when they return to the lakefront in great numbers every spring, but sometimes they get my attention anyway.

Second Cycle

Second Cycle

And I have to remind myself to not assume everything is a Ring-Billed Gull…because there could be a rarer species sifted in there somewhere. Like I almost thought about this guy standing on the railing by the river a couple weeks ago…with his dark eye and grayish legs…but after checking with Gulls of the Americas, it turns out he’s a Second Cycle Ring-Billed Gull.  I’ve known the adults and the first-year gulls for a long time, but this morph is new to me.

Gulls on the Chicago River

Gulls on the Chicago River

Then there are the pairs. Normally two gulls would not occupy such a precarious perch but this was definitely a piling built for two.

Gulls in Love

Gulls in Love

Springtime down by the lake, another pair taking a break together.

Gulling it up in Millennium Park

Gulling it up in Millennium Park

A few more Ring-Billed Gulls doing their thing. Ever vigilant.

RB Gull IMG_2718_1

Ring-Billed Gull IMG_0784_1

I’ll be back soon with more spring migrants.

7 thoughts on “Ring-Billed Romance

  1. I like the post and the pics, Lisa. The Ring-billed Gulls have all but left here, probably at your place now, of course. I had never seen a 2nd cycle. I’ll have to watch out for one next year. I’m usually alert for an occasional tern of some type.

    • So that’s where they go in the winter. Aha. I’m looking for terns too. We usually get a few Caspian Terns and some Forster’s. There are reports of both on the local list-serve.

    • Thanks for your comment. So glad you like gulls. I do too and I sometimes miss the fun I used to have feeding them, they are so gregarious, noisy and such skillful fliers.

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