Reminiscing about Bald Eagles

Eagle IMG_9566
Four years ago, in January 2009, I took my then new 100-400mm Canon lens to the Mississippi River to try it out on the Bald Eagles that were so numerous that year. I had never used the lens before and I was still shooting on auto with my EOS 40D, but I could not have asked for better test subjects.

Eagles IMG_9612 Eagles IMG_9748

This year we are experiencing rain instead of snow in January (and it is the first precipation we’ve had in far too long). It is also too warm to push down-river hundreds of eagles like we had that year. Like this juvenile honing his hunting skills.

Junior IMG_9658

I’ve never archived these images off my laptop because I guess they hold some kind of sentimental value for me.

Junior IMG_9643

So last night I decided I could share of few of these first pictures with you.

Eagle IMG_9561

An ode to snow.

Eagle IMG_9671

Junior IMG_9523

10 thoughts on “Reminiscing about Bald Eagles

  1. I love my 100-400 lens on my 7Ds. It really supplements my 500mm and is easier to handle. I love that 5th photo of yours, Lisa, the juvie seemingly attacking something.

  2. Terrific photos of the bald eagles Lisa! And Wow! A Tree full of eagles! Amazing!
    Any day you get to see and photgraph bald eagles is a great day, but a bunch of them is even better!

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