Destination: Vacation

Red-Tailed Hawk, McGinnis Slough 10-21-12

I wish there were some way to time-release posts while I’m gone, but I guess that defeats part of the purpose of a blog which means being able to respond to comments, so I am asking you to bear with me during my absence, because when I come back I will have some of the Thanksgiving weekend to start posting about my birding trip to Southeast Brazil.

I was hoping to fire off a few posts I’ve accumulated material for over the past two weeks but that didn’t happen either. Now I’m down to the wire. Still packing and leaving in half an hour.

While I’m gone, my friend Linda will be taking care of my indoor birds as she has done for me for years, and as much as I hate leaving these guys, especially as some of them get older and frailer, I know Linda will take good care of them and they will be safe.

I should be more excited about my trip but I am always regretful that I didn’t have more time to prepare. I’m just going to dive in to the birds and as much Portuguese as I can muster in very little time (not that I’ll probably need it being on a guided tour, but the language fascinates me) and try to take as many pictures of the breathtaking sights as possible. Here’s that Red-Tailed Hawk again. A few more pictures of this bird are on my flickr page.

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  1. Have a great time in Brazil Lisa. I’m sure that you’ll bring wonderful pictures from that beautiful country! 🙂

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