“Marsh Mallow” at the Slough

Swamp Rose-Mallow

My visit to McGinnis Slough this time found the Swamp Rose-Mallow in bloom. I was able to find three colors of it. They are big, beautiful flowers that stand tall with the reeds.

Unlike last time when I was nearly eaten alive by deer flies, this morning was delightful. It was not yet too hot, there was a gentle breeze, and the sky was partly cloudy which gave a the light a particular density.

Great Egrets

Three weeks ago, I could find only one Great Egret. Today, there had to be maybe 300. If they weren’t in the trees they were fishing all along the banks and in the shallow water.

The Great Blue Herons had increased in number too from three weeks ago. I estimate 175. Here’s one flying over, looking effortless. Egrets, herons and cranes often remind me of ballet dancers defying gravity.

Great Blue Heron

And this time I had a Green Heron that flew up into a tree nearby, after something.

Green Heron

I don’t think he got what he was looking for, he looked frustrated. I’ll take suggestions for a caption for this shot!

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  1. Oh your right, they are Marsh Mallow. I always think of marshmallows though. I was too lazy to look it up from last year when I finally identified it. Thanks for correcting me!

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