Back from Nicaragua III

Mombacho 02-23-2016-4339We left Reserva Montibelli for Granada, and paid a visit to the Volcan Mombacho, with a view of the cloud forest. There is an extensive canopy tour at the top, which we did not do, but there was plenty to look at on a trail closer to the bottom.

Four views of a Yellow Warbler foraging about in a beautiful tree. Unfortunately my brain is only big enough to handle a few bird species but I want to start paying more attention to the botanical elements, even if it’s in my next life…

Also in this beautiful tree were two Black-Headed Saltators.

Continuing with the magical atmosphere of the cloud forest…

It’s perhaps a good thing that the weather back home has been raw and rainy. Nothing (except maybe Bernie) is distracting me from paying attention to Nicaragua in my head.

I don’t seem to have many bird pictures from this day. Earlier in the morning before we left Montibelli, I guess I took pictures of a Melodious Blackbird bathing.

Melodious Blackbird 02-23-2016-4315

I’ll be back again with another short post. I have two more days’ worth of photographs to choose and then it will be time to pay attention to spring here.Plant 02-22-2016-1640One more photograph of the Yellow Warbler. YEWA 02-23-2016-4301