Once in a lifetime…

Three-Toed Jacamar IMG_6514_1

Three-Toed Jacamar

The more I revisit the Brazil pictures, the more birds I identify, and the images are starting to feel like old friends, even when they sometimes assume new identities. Yet what seemed an impossible chore before has now become a fond obsession.

Red-Billed Curassow IMG_1697_1

Red-Billed Curassow

I started wondering just how many endemic species were on the list and there were actually quite a few. We didn’t see them all, and I didn’t get pictures of all the ones we did, but here are some of them.

Maroon-Faced Parakeet 2ID IMG_1044_1

Maroon-Faced Parakeet

Red-Browed Parrot2 IMG_9073_1

Red-Browed Parrots

Saw-Billed Hermit2 IMG_2691_1

Saw-Billed Hermit

Wing-Banded Hornero IMG_6942_1

Wing-Banded Hornero

Blue-Throated Parakeet IMG_0978_1

Blue-Throated Parakeet

Orange-Eyed Thornbird

Orange-Eyed Thornbird

To be continued…


Brazilian Tanager-rio IMG_8854_1Thanks to my friend Linda Rios for giving me the idea for this quick post. She found the red and green pheasant in my last post very seasonal, so I thought I’d surf through the Brazil photos for a little Christmas spirit. The Brazilian Tanager above is a beautiful bird that eluded my lens, but since he’s perched in a green bush, I could not resist.

Greenish Schiffornis IMG_9662_1

Greenish Schiffornis

I have also begun posting photographs to my flickr page. It’s a work in progress.

Maroon-Faced Parakeet IMG_1041_1

Maroon-Faced (or White-Eyed) Parakeet

Then there are more than a few birds in the psittacine family whose bright colors render them festive.

Plain Parakeets IMG_1677_1

Plain Parakeets

I’ll be back soon. Most of my time has been spent at work trying to manage the mad dash to the end of the year…

Blue-Winged Parrotlet IMG_6220_1

Blue-Winged Parrotlet

In the meantime try to imagine a bird with more colors on him than this Yellow-Fronted Woodpecker.

Yellow-Fronted Woodpecker IMG_1381_1

Yellow-Fronted Woodpecker