I Found It!


Thanks to the beautiful weather and the perfect alignment of the planets (just guessing), I am thrilled to announce the recovery of my car title. I can now mark the end of my 65th year with a problem solved and spend the rest of my weekend celebrating!


It wasn’t carelessly thrown in a box to be filed. It was in a brown folder tucked in amongst my song copyrights, probably just as I had taken it from my safety deposit box, and put in the file cabinet upstairs. Only the folder had fallen underneath the hanging folders and was on the bottom of the drawer. But it was cool enough this evening to sit upstairs and start going through the drawer again, and that’s when I noticed the brown folder.


Of course all those boxes I started to tear through, the contents of which I hope to either reorganize or discard, are still waiting for me in the basement, but with much less urgency. And now I have the rest of the summer to work on donating or recycling many more items.


The fireworks are detonating…and like every other year I look at my watch and wonder how long before it stops. Also like every other year, my birds are quiet. It seems to bother them much less than it does me. I guess they’ve had a long time to get used to stupid human noise.

I’ll be back later with pictures from this morning’s outing. Happy Fourth!