Why Not Vultures?

Lappet-Faced Vultures 11-23-13 6985.jpg-2

Lappet-Faced Vulture

I think vultures get a bad rap. They really perform a valuable service in nature. They do a much better job of recycling than we do.

Vultures Serengeti 11-24-13 8538.jpg-2

In case you’re wondering why I am inspired to post about vultures, I am (1) waiting to find out whether I will want to share the video of the festival choir concert from last weekend, and (2) am also trying to figure out how to possibly convey what is going on with the home crowd (it grows, and changes daily!) through various types of media. But while trying to find time to figure all that out, I thought I’d share a few pictures looking back to my November 2013 East Africa trip, with these spiffy-looking vultures in particular.

African White-Backed Vulture

African White-Backed Vulture

There were more vulture species on the list, but these were the only identified portraits I found recently.

 White-Headed Vulture

White-Headed Vulture

Yes, those are storks in the photo below: they also showed up after a kill, with the vultures.

Vultures & Storks at Zebra Kill 11-24-13 8529.jpg-2

Nature takes care of itself. And us, if we let it.