Fall Migration in the Chicago Loop

Wilson's Warbler, Lake Shore East Park

Wilson’s Warbler, Lake Shore East Park

I haven’t hit any hot spots yet, but have started seeing a few migrant birds downtown. Tuesday morning I rescued a young Wood Thrush on my way to work. I visited Lake Shore East Park on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. At that location I have perhaps seen only seven warbler species so far, American Redstart, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Ovenbird, Chestnut-Sided Warbler, Black-and-White Warbler, Tennessee Warbler and Wilson’s Warbler, with the Wilson’s being the most frequent. On Tuesday there were a few flycatchers, the most cooperative being a young Yellow-Bellied.

Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher

Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher

YBFL LSE Park 9-2-14-4578Below, a couple photos of the Black-and-White Warbler from Wednesday.

Black-and-White Warbler

Black-and-White Warbler

BWWA LSE Park 9-3-14-4977

Also on Wednesday, a Nashville Warbler, most completely seen on the sidewalk.

Tennessee Warbler

Tennessee Warbler

A couple more pictures of the Wilson’s Warbler below.
WIWA LSE Park 9-2-14-4734

WIWA LSE Park 9-3-14-4881

The Common Grackles have been congregating all week, eating acorns and bathing in the water features.

Bathing Grackles LSE Park 9-3-14-5162 Acorn on the steps to LSE Park 9-5-14-5293

At least it appears they are trying to eat the acorns.

Grackle w Acorn LSE Park 9-3-14-5086

I will be back soon. I’ve been busy, and the weather has been hot and muggy. The longer days must be getting to me, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. But we are fortunate enough to have some cooler, drier weather this weekend and I plan to take advantage of it Sunday morning.