Cooper’s in the Hood

Cooper's Head IMG_3637_1

On my way home from the train yesterday afternoon, I was barely paying attention to the chatter of local birds when I looked up into a tree across the street I was approaching, and saw the distinct form of a Cooper’s Hawk enjoying an early dinner. I had taken the 100-400mm lens and the 7D with me to the lakefront early in the morning before work, so I decided to try and maybe get a few pictures of the hawk.

Cooper's IMG_3621_1

By the time I got my camera out of my backpack, he’d grown aware of my presence and moved on to another perch, sans prey.

Cooper's IMG_3628_1

Then it was across the street into a yard with a playset, affording a jumble of perches.

Cooper's IMG_3631_1

Again, I’m just not tall enough to shoot over the fence.

Cooper's IMG_3635_1

The hawk finally decided to give me an opportunity to take in his majesty, perhaps so I’d quit wasting his time and he could move on.

Cooper's IMG_3642_1

The chattering of the smaller birds was incessant, by the way, reminding me to pay more attention to them in the future.