Riverside Minute

I was going to combine some photos from a few previous visits to Riverside into one post, and I hope to do that eventually, but right now here is a quick recap of my walk this morning. It was cloudy, very quiet and I saw very few birds. I hardly heard even the Blue Jays. But the trees were beautiful.

I did have a nice moment with the Dark-eyed Junco at the top of the post.

On the other side of the Joliet Avenue bridge south of the Hofmann Tower, I spotted a Great Egret and a Double-crested Cormorant. I looked for the Great Blue Heron but it was not present.

Also at the tower were the Rock Pigeons doing flight drills.

The Great Egret decided to move closer to where the dam once was.

And I barely captured a Mallard flying by.

I saw a Mourning Dove land in a tree.

I could barely see a Downy Woodpecker.

I took two views of the foot bridge.

The trees in Riverside Lawn were towering in color.

When I got back to the Joliet Avenue Bridge, I checked to see if the Great Blue Heron was in its new favorite spot by the old dam. This is where it has been for the last couple weeks.

I will be back soon with more from Riverside. I am leaving soon to see a play tonight. There might be a little sunshine tomorrow. We have a couple more days above freezing with rain predicted all day Sunday. I suspect the leaves will have all fallen soon.

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  1. As you seek out birds, trees play an important role. Therefore they serve as an appropriate addition to a post that may be a little short on recent bird activity. Even the overcast skies still allowed for some very nice pictures of the Juno, heron and egret. Hope the evening play is an enjoyable experience.

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