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I heard the Osprey first on Monday morning, as I was halfway across the footbridge. It was squealing with delight, I suspect, as it tore apart its fish catch. I looked up and found the juvenile Osprey perched in a tree overlooking the river. I took several photographs until two women crossing the bridge flushed the Osprey. I missed its take-off because I was looking at the women, one of whom said, “Sorry.”

But I did manage to capture the Osprey flying with its catch in search of a place to continue breakfast. It landed in a different tree on the other side of the bridge where it was farther away and backlit.

It’s late for these birds to still be around so the sighting was rare. I just wonder how this one managed to find a fish with the river so low.

Here’s how the Des Plaines River looked on Monday facing north from the Joliet Avenue bridge.

And here’s what the river looked like looking south from the Hofmann Tower. That’s a Great Blue Heron standing on the exposed tree trunk.

When I walked the paved path along the river in Riverside, I saw two Eastern Bluebirds.

I didn’t see a lot of species but it was a lovely day. A few Ruby-crowned Kinglets were still around.

This Northern Cardinal was trying to hide but with the leaves gone it’s a bit harder.

Seeing more Mallards like this one, lately, standing up in the middle of the river.

Here’s what happened to one of those carved pumpkins from a couple weeks ago.

Here’s one more of the Osprey with its right foot securing its catch.

The Rock Pigeons are back roosting on the Hofmann Tower

Later that evening I was playing piano and noticed the moon shining through the living room windows. I grabbed my camera to take a photo or two. I found out last night at choir rehearsal from one of my sister altos that much later there had been a lunar eclipse. I was sorry I was unaware of it and missed it – maybe blame it on the midterm elections dominating the news cycle – but I don’t think I would have been inclined to get up at 2:00 in the morning to see it anyway. I will now have to wait until March 13, 2025.

We had a shorter rehearsal after our efforts on Choir Sunday, and then several of us stayed to practice a line dance we will perform on November 20 when we join the children’s choir known as the Chalice Singers. I took a video of the moves so I can practice, but I don’t know where in the house I will do so as I don’t have that much floor space. Not to mention it would drive the birds a little nuts if i practiced in their domain. Maybe the basement…

I have lots more to catch up on now that things have slowed down a bit outside. Today marks the last of our flirtation with summer temperatures as we will plunge into a comparative deep freeze by Saturday. I’ll be back.

4 thoughts on “Around Riverside

    • Thanks so much. I never expect to get a decent shot of the moon off my front porch as there is a street lamp, not to mention other artificial light, but it was so bright that night I guess it didn’t matter as much. Also every other time I’ve known about an eclipse it’s been cloudy. Figures I would have a clear night and miss it.
      I hope you get to see an Osprey sometime. Supposedly they are not common in Europe due to predation and loss of habitat, but you just never know.

    • Thanks so much, Bob. It was a beautiful day that now seems like a month ago as we slide into winter. I think the chance to get up close and personal with an Osprey will always keep me going back to Riverside.

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