Back to Riverside x 3

Three visits to Riverside are represented in this blog post: October 10, which was a beautiful, sunny morning, October 14 a bit cooler and cloudier, and October 17, chilly and cloudy. Up until today we’ve been flirting with freezing temperatures overnight, but now, suddenly, we are thrust back into summer for a few days.

On the 10th just after I crossed the footbridge to Riverside Lawn, I heard a Carolina Wren. Then I saw the wren perched on a bare branch, singing away. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had this treat. A recording of his song that morning is below.

Carolina Wren
A view o the Des Plaines on October 10

There were still plenty of Yellow-rumped Warblers on the 10th.

And Golden-crowned Kinglets, who were getting a little bit easier to see.

There have been Hermit Thrushes everywhere I have been the last couple weeks.

I think this might be the last Orange-crowned Warbler I saw.

American Robins are about, here and there.

Killdeer are still present. The river has been receding lately.

I noticed from the footbridge these three carved pumpkins that someone put out on a log, and decided to get a closer view of See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil. Predictably this fine work was consumed by wildlife on my next visit.

There are still Red-winged Blackbirds here and there.

And I got lucky with a Red-tailed Hawk flying over on the 10th.

On the 14th I was very excited to hear and then see a Winter Wren but I was not able to get a decent picture of him. I have seen one or more of these birds nearly every time I have been out since, so I will keep trying.

Here are some more photographs of the White-breasted Nuthatch at the top of the post. The autumn leaves make a nice contrast for him.

I had another encounter with a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

This was the last time I saw any herons on the river. The cold snap probably encouraged them to move farther south.

A gray squirrel posed for me and then indicated he’d had enough.

This Chipmunk picked a perfect fall background.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

A Mourning Dove was in no hurry to escape my lens.

Here’s another White-breasted Nuthatch.

I have seen little groups of White-throated Sparrows but they’re not always easy to capture.

It seemed to be a good day to get lost in the leaves. I think this is the last Magnolia Warbler I saw.

Also on the 14th, a family of deer and a lot of Rock Pigeons.

On the 17th it was cold, cloudy and pretty quiet. I only walked on the Riverside Lawn trail, up and back.

Fox Sparrow
Mourning Dove
Hermit Thrush
Squabbling Canada Geese

It could be that the birds were also quiet because of this Cooper’s Hawk who sat in a thicket close to the Joliet Avenue beginning of the trail the entire time I was there.

Fall color on October 14

I have been back to Riverside twice since the 17th and then there’s visits to the Chicago Portage and a little beyond. I volunteered to help fulfill orders in River Forest for the Chicago Audubon Birdseed Sale tomorrow morning, so I won’t be going out again until Sunday. They requested extra help, and I figured if I was picking up my own order, the morning was spoken for anyway, so I may as well help them out. I used to volunteer years ago. It will be fun to see everyone again.

2 thoughts on “Back to Riverside x 3

  1. What a great opening picture of the nuthatch. I also loved the additional shot of the carved pumpkins residing on the log. Carolina wrens. Have such a pretty song, although it can be persistent. Great Job. Enjoyed the post.

    • Thanks, Bob! I am glad I saw the pumpkins intact because their demolishment was inevitable. It was lovely to have the Carolina Wren vocalize and then see him clearly. And the autumn leaves are perfect frames for every bird I’ve managed to photograph in them.

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