Fall Walks at Thatcher Woods

I am back from the land of afternoon naps with a short segment.

We’ve had two Saturday morning walks at Thatcher Woods in River Forest, and we will have our final fall migration walk there on October 8. It’s been pretty quiet the last few weeks, but I did manage some photographs of a few birds, so here they are.

Basically, the Red-tailed Hawk was the only bird I captured doing anything on September 10.

Then on our last visit on September 24, the first of season bird of the walk – and for several of us, first of the year – was this Yellow-bellied Sapsucker who was perched somewhat distantly in a tree. This was likely the best long look I will get this year so I took too many photographs. I have since seen a few more of this species but have not been able to photograph them. For me, the placement of white on the wing quickly distinguishes this bird from other woodpeckers.

I must have had a few long moments to photograph the Red-tailed Hawk.

Also notable on the 24th, but impossible to capture well with the camera, were 34 Northern Flickers foraging on the lawn. We didn’t dare bother them by getting any closer.

A murder of about 20 crows flew overhead, which was beautiful to see. I could only capture a few, but to me there is nothing like a crow in flight.

Here are a few more of the sapsucker.

On our last visit we saw some Yellow-rumped Warblers by the parking lot, and after the walk I stayed a moment to get a few photographs.

Here are a few more of the Red-tailed Hawk.

Our last walk at Columbus Park is tomorrow morning. I have much more to report, it’s just been a busy week and I’ve been too tired to sustain many thoughts. I will try harder to be “back” at least while there’s still some activity before winter sets in. Then the birds will be fewer but somewhat easier to see, perhaps. Best to expect the unexpected.

9 thoughts on “Fall Walks at Thatcher Woods

  1. Well, now I get to see even more views of red-tailed hawks, yellow-rumped warblers and sapsuckers. All are nice photos. Pretty special windfall of flickers that is impressive. Have fun leading your morning tour.

    • Thanks, Bob. Maybe a post with only 3 birds in it is the way to go every now and then.
      It was birdier this morning at Columbus Park. At least for a while we had some warbler activity and other action in spite of a runners’ race.

  2. I’m amazed by your Flicker crowd! We’ve had up to 7 at times (our “lawn” has lots of ants and grubs)but never the kind of flock you shared. Also loved the shots of the YB Sapsucker and RT Hawk.
    …Lately there have been lots of YR Warblers moving through here, too. They are so animated and I enjoy seeing them dart about. That shot of one peering through the Boneset flowers is wonderful. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Ann! As for the flickers – of the 3 choices of group names I think I like a “Menorah of Flickers” – it seemed useless to try to get a closeup photo of any of them, let alone the whole crowd, but I just wanted to remember it.
      I never tire of photographing the Yellow-rumpeds or any bird for that matter if it’s doing something interesting and I can capture it. 🙂

    • Well, the other two choices were “guttering” and “Peterson” – which didn’t appeal to me. I am glad you inspired me to look up the Menorah of Flickers altogether. Thanks! 🙂

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