Sunshine Returns

It’s very cold today and it looks like tomorrow will be the same – below freezing in the morning – but the sun is shining and it’s not too windy, so that makes up for almost everything. I haven’t put my long underwear away quite yet. And it was good to be wearing more substantial boots this morning as they are warmer than the hikers.

The view from the bridge
The shallow water is a bit frozen

Things started out pretty slow with a couple Song Sparrows on the trail. There were a few Northern Cardinals behind too many branches to bother with.

When I approached the marshy area on the other side of the second bridge, which is the path that has been marked by the surveyor, I saw a lot of American Tree Sparrows – at least 20 – and that also seemed to be where the Red-winged Blackbirds were hanging out too. I concentrated on the sparrows.

On my way back heading out, I saw a pair of Eastern Bluebirds.

They were nearly too far away to photograph but I kept trying and took too many photos.

That was about it for this morning, save a pair of Canada Geese in the icy water.

By contrast, ten days earlier there was less light. Here are some leftovers from March 17. It was the last time I saw the Lesser Scaup.

I had a Brown Creeper that morning. I’m surprised the camera picked it up at all, it blended in so well.

I also had a very cooperative Black-capped Chickadee.

I got lucky with this Dark-eyed Junco who almost seems to be smiling.

No Mallards today, but I had a shiny drake on the 17th.

I will likely go back to the Portage again tomorrow to see if there are any changes. I had the place all to myself save one man who was walking and talking on his cell phone. I would like to think that no matter how many improvements they make, the Chicago Portage will still be an escape-to place and I won’t have to travel too far from my backyard.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine Returns

  1. Well, where the heck are those American Tree sparrows when I take a walk. Thought it was too cold to walk so opted for chores and laundry. But, that bright sun got to me. Went to Portage. On my walk I met George who stopped me to chat. He mentioned your new “friend” peanut guy. Nice shot of the secretive brown creeper. Well no tree sparrows but a few redwings, juncos, robins, woodpeckers and one golden-crowned kinglet. Spring is here, at least on paper.

    • Maybe the flock of American Tree Sparrows moved on by the time you got there. When I left there were even some more in the front lawn. I am glad you saw a kinglet as I heard but didn’t see. I haven’t seen Peanut Man for at least a week. Maybe he is getting tired of being noticed.

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