From Soggy to Sunny

It was simply too wet, raining all day, to go outside much yesterday. I watched the birds from indoors. Apologies for the fuzzy images but between the rain, the fog and the window screens this was the best I could do.

There were a lot of House Finches in the yard today. The males provided some colorful contrast.

I’m always glad to see one of the Downy Woodpeckers. First day in a while the suet wasn’t frozen solid.

A pensive House Sparrow…

The American Goldfinches were back too.

Overnight the skies cleared and the temperature dropped. A peek at the yard was more promising.

It was bright and sunny, if cold. I put on all my layers and went back to Riverside to take the usual walk before swimming. I didn’t see any birds along the paved path until I got around the bend.

There were some diving ducks where the river turns a corner. I was able to zoom in on a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers but the Common Goldeneyes were too far away. That’s okay – I haven’t seen Red-breasted Mergansers in quite some time so I’m happy with that.

Shortly after I crossed the foot bridge, I heard another Northern Cardinal singing away. He was brilliant in the sunshine.

This Northern Cardinal singing

Then I was greeted by some Black-capped Chickadees.

And then I saw a Brown Creeper. It was hard not to take too many photographs. Here’s just a few.

I also encountered an attractive Song Sparrow who sat still for a long time.

Revisiting some frozen-looking fungus at the base of a tree.

Beyond all that the most notable feature was the Des Plaines River, churning incessantly.

One last view…

We go back to winter weather with snow in the forecast. Snow flurries started tonight after choir rehearsal, with a more serious onslaught coming tomorrow afternoon.

An update on my distressed hen – she must have made a complete recovery because I can no longer distinguish her from the rest of the flock. My little ragamuffin male took it upon himself to hang out with her and protect her while she was on the floor, and later when she took comfort in the cage I first helped her into. She spent about a day moving about from cage to cage and then resumed a normal life afterward. The photo below is one I took with my cell phone when she was still staying on the floor with her protector.

5 thoughts on “From Soggy to Sunny

  1. Glad to hear that your bird is doing better. I did go out yesterday looking for white-winged crossbills a friend told me about. All I saw was one blurred bird fly past me and lots and lots of rain. Not all birding ventures bring success. It is still about the journey. During the drive I did get to lister to my audio book “The Great Influenza”.

    • I’ve been reading about the Crossbills but I just don’t have the energy to go chasing them. But I’m glad you enjoyed your audio book. The Zebra Finch hen recovery is a first for me. Usually birds either remain sick but hang on or go quickly, recovery is not in the cards, so now I’ve seen everything.

    • The birds are already starting to act like it’s spring. I have to sneak up on the backyard birds by coming around the side of the house to avoid photographing them through screens. They know my routine and if I go out the back door they all disappear into the neighbors’ hedges.

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