Christmas Week at the Portage – Part I

This series of photos is from December 23. I went back on the 26th and will share those photos in a separate post. The weather has since turned a bit more wintry. I decided not to go out today due to early cloud cover and mostly mud – I am getting a bit tired of cleaning the treads of my boots. But I also have so much to do at home that I kept putting off “until I retire” or “until winter” and since I am in both those places, I need to get going on the 20-years-of-accumulated-stuff project.

The sky was dramatic at first but brightened up ever so slightly. There are new piles of chopped wood here and there along the trails. I can only imagine the volunteers were taking care of fallen or about-to-fall trees.

At first this White-breasted Nuthatch was hard to uncover but he came out and made himself known eventually.

Red-bellied Woodpeckers have been more abundant than I remember, but it could just be that for the sake of getting out more, I have become more attuned to their comings and goings. I was delighted to find the flight sequence in my photos, which I put into the carousel below.

A favorite ground-foraging place these days is the trail, and when I’m lucky and the only person on the trail, I can usually stop and watch the birds for some time.

Song Sparrow and female Northern Cardinal
Another Song Sparrow

I was beginning to think my ears were lying to me because I thought I always heard White-throated Sparrows but I was never seeing them. Then this one posed for a picture.

White-throated Sparrow

Dark-eyed Juncos are also fond of the gravelly trails.

I could barely focus on this somewhat far-away American Goldfinch, but I so love their muted tones this time of year.

It wouldn’t be Christmas week without a male Northern Cardinal.

I’ll be back shortly with the next installment. The days are getting longer…already!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Week at the Portage – Part I

  1. Was at Portage yesterday and this morning. Admiring the hazy overcast skies, The birds are infrequent and remain the usuals. The snow added a texture and visual change to the walk. Almost no one on the trail or parking lot. But, the cardinals are still a bright red and the red-bellied woodpeckers and still singing. I did see two robins hanging around along the trail.

    • Thanks for the report, Bob. I was in Riverside this morning – saw a Great Blue Heron flying down the river. I will likely visit the Portage tomorrow and see if I can locate that darned Winter Wren again. I agree, the red of the cardinals and red-bellieds is much appreciated contrast to the gray birds and skies.

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