Cloudy, Windy, Snow Later…

I was working on a post with photographs from last month yesterday…while indoors because of rain. This morning’s forecast was at least drier, but cloudy, windy, not promising for anything except the beginnings of snow, but what is definitely to be expected this time of year, so I went for a walk at the Portage just to see what I might find. Here are the clouds, fallen leaves, trees, a young buck and a couple birds I found. It was interesting nonetheless so I am bucking tradition here by posting in a more timely fashion…before I go back to history.

The clouds needed no enhancement as I imagined them full of cold, wet rain ready to turn into snow.

Leaves underfoot… and still many left on the trees.

Below is one of my favorite oaks exposed, having lost its leaves, but framed nicely by the golden-leafed tree behind it.

Much of the Portage looks less colorful.

There were perhaps 30-40 Canada Geese spread out in two groups.

I encountered this young-looking buck and we stared at each other for a while. The White-tailed Deer have not been at all skittish lately. Not that I want to get too friendly with them: apparently they have become carriers for the Covid-19 virus.

On my way out, a Red-tailed Hawk flew over the trees, identifying itself immediately with its call.

Earlier I encountered one very cold-looking Mourning Dove sitting on a branch high up in a tree by the water. Mainly this photograph is to illustrate how windy it was. For the most part, the other birds were in hiding. Even the woodpeckers. I heard a few but didn’t see any.

I will be back very soon with photographs from October… although there are plenty more from November. I hope you are adjusting well to the time change and the weather. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Cloudy, Windy, Snow Later…

  1. We I see you were bucking the odds and the winds to see the falling leaves and the deer. I have also been seeing more deer at Portage recently. Less foliage does make them easier to find. I always like looking at the sculpture.

    • Thanks for your comment, Bob. As for the deer, it is the beginning of rutting season… I tend to always take a picture of the sculpture first thing but don’t always include it, however with today’s short offering it seemed appropriate. 🙂

    • Same here! It goes so quickly. I keep thinking maybe it’s just because I am no longer working and so I am more attuned to the light and the lack thereof, but I was basically working at home the same time last year and don’t recall it being so difficult. I am thankful my birds are well-accustomed to artificial light…at least.

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