A Crow Holiday Post

I’m overdue for a tribute to the Lakefront Crows who were quite cooperative early in November but hard to find a month later, and I don’t think I’ll manage to see them before the end of the year. So here are some longing looks.

Hmmm… peanut butter oatmeal raisin, my favorite

The same day, I captured a few sparrows and such and I will be back with their photos and others from my second visit to the lakefront parks.

Swamp Sparrow

This is all in the interest of clearing off my hard drives to make room for upcoming adventures. I will be going to Mexico next Sunday.

Since I’m almost in real time here, a note about the current weather: my Northern Cardinal was singing and singing and singing in the yard this morning – I think the 60-degree temperatures have fooled him into thinking it’s spring. Can’t blame him. Is it just me, or is almost nothing a surprise anymore?

8 thoughts on “A Crow Holiday Post

    • I know, it’s like being in some never-ending dream… not exactly a nightmare all the time but reality has taken on new meaning, or no meaning at all. Thanks. The crows willingly ham it up for the camera. 🙂

  1. I’m so glad to see that your friends, the crows, came out to see you and make you happy. What a treat! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  2. So nice you got to spend some time with the crows. They are certainly entertaining! Nope, the weather no longer surprises me. Have fun travels in Mexico! My first birding trip outside of the U.S. was to Oaxaca and it was mind-blowing, and birding around the archaeological sites was an experience of a lifetime for me.

    • Thanks, Joanne. I would love to bird more of Mexico and I am a little surprised this is my first birding trip, but I’ll be on the Pacific coast where I don’t anticipate any archeological sites. I did visit Tikal in Guatemala and some sites in Belize. The birds were protected at Tikal and they seemed to know it. Total amazement, I agree. Anyway, there are a lot of birds on the list for this trip I have never seen anywhere else!

    • The crows and I thank you. Crows are likely more intelligent than humans, which is why I find them so attractive. They likewise recognized that I was trainable. So I get to enjoy the pleasure of their company while they get free food. It took a while to develop a relationship with them but it was worth the investment to me. 🙂

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