American Goldfinch

I thought I’d pay tribute to the past weekend’s snow which is still with us, along with ice and freezing temperatures. It was a busy weekend, but a relatively quiet break from swimming, hiking and my weekly chore which involves going up and down the basement stairs swapping dirty cages for clean ones. I had the opportunity to monitor visitors to my yard.

We are promised more snow this weekend and if the forecast holds out, a few days next week as well, so I may as well memorialize the last accumulation, which I find easier to judge from how it piles up on the feeders.

I tried standing outside to try for clearer photographs on Sunday after the snow had stopped and it was sunny, but the birds were having none of it, so I did most of my observation through the porch windows and screens rather than interrupt their feeding.

American Goldfinches and one visible Pine Siskin

While I was outside, though, a male Downy Woodpecker was in the yard for a minute or two. He prefers to avoid the crowd.

The House Sparrows were having a great time in the bird baths. Living it up at the spa.

I wish I knew what my indoor birds think of the outdoor ones and vice versa. There must be some kind of awareness there.

On my way back to the doctor’s office last week, walking through Lincoln Park, I noticed one man arriving to feed geese, and then another man walking in front of me who was catering to squirrels. It occurred to me that city dwellers without backyards crave interacting with other creatures. I like to think the feeling is mutual.

Peter Mayer has a song on his latest CD called “Come Back” which sums up this sentiment perfectly.

House Sparrows in a pensive moment

Years ago I planted trees to attract birds and now I have too many trees to deter the squirrels. They scurry through the yard and across my roof like so many monkeys. I try to keep them happy enough with peanuts.

Another busy weekend looms. Thanks to all for your well wishes from my previous post! I’m feeling much better already, particularly after swimming Monday night.

House Finch
Goldfinch goodbye…

8 thoughts on “Snowshine

    • I look at the snowflakes on my weather app but I haven’t tried second-guessing the forecast yet. Whatever snow falls, we will somehow deal with it. Saturday is a long way off yet!

  1. I’m glad that we haven’t had any snow yet here. We have very cold days and mostly gray and dark. This morning we had frost covering everywhere, When I waited with Tyler for the School Bus was 27º F. dark and breezy.
    Your birds look happy to find food ready for them. Thank you Lisa for that. I hope for your complete recovery from your leg problem. Take care my friend. 🙂

    • Good morning, Jason! I am sitting here contemplating being stuck inside (or out shoveling when appropriate) all day. I already stood on the back porch to snap a few photos this morning but the snow is stuck on the screens making the camera’s view that much more limited. I wish you luck. The snow is beautiful, and this is as warm as we’re going to be until it warms up to start snowing again so we may as well enjoy it. 🙂

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