A Kinglet-Sized Rescue

Portage with Mallards - 10-28-18-3924I had no plans to go out yesterday. I slept in and so did my birds, even after one or two Zebra Finches announced theoretical sunrise around 6:28 a.m., because it was dark and cloudy. But then the sun broke out during breakfast and after I checked the radar it looked like we had a two-hour rainless window so I decided to see what was happening at the Portage. No sooner did I leave than the sun went behind the clouds.

Photography in next-to-no light was almost not an option, but I couldn’t imagine going out without the camera. I hadn’t gotten too far beyond the Mallards and Canada Geese before I encountered a Golden-Crowned Kinglet in distress.

GCKI Rescue - 10-28-18-3997The bird had a long, skinny twig caught in its primaries. I put my camera down to help, but when I reached for the bird it flitted a few inches to avoid me. I managed to grab the offending plant matter and the Kinglet immediately wrested itself free. Glad I could help this little bird continue, and it gave some purpose beyond my need to escape the “other reality” for a while. After the encounter, it seemed I was seeing more Golden-Crowned Kinglets than anything else. Unfortunately they move so quickly they were hard to capture in low light.

GCKI - 10-28-18-4023

It just so happened that I had to replace my cell phone on Friday. It was a case of new software meets old hardware: the latest update wreaked havoc on the old phone. So I put the new cell phone camera to use to capture some stirrings of autumn color at the Portage.


Hawk migration continues. Below, some aerial dynamics of a Northern Harrier.

I was going to visit the dirt road that runs along the railroad tracks and faces the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District property but when I encountered the buck below staring at me, I changed my mind.

Buck - 10-28-18-4016

Common Milkweed was everywhere this past summer and I have a feeling it will be even more prevalent next year.

Milkweed pods - 10-28-18-4018

Two Turkey Vultures flew over in the grey sky…

The only birds that stood up to the lack of light were Mallards and Canada Geese, and then just barely.

Not much else to report, really. I’m surprised the Mourning Doves showed up as well as they did.

MODO - 10-28-18-3990I still have images from the previous weekend’s last organized walk…and then I’d better be focused on preparation for the choir’s three-day tour to St. Louis. I may not be seeing many wild birds for a few weeks. Maybe I can recruit the indoor crowd.

img_0020Tree Fungus - 10-28-18-4047

10 thoughts on “A Kinglet-Sized Rescue

  1. Thank you for helping that GCKinslet Lisa .He was lucky that you motivated his defensive movement and was indeed released from his predicament. Looks a bit too gray for photography but you managed to make it productive. We had a cold last week. It’s warming up a bit for Halloween. I hope it doesn’t rain that day! 🙂

    • Thanks, H.J.! I think the Kinglet is about the size of a Zebra Finch so I wouldn’t have hesitated to hold him if I’d had to pry him loose… We’ve been cold too but up here we call it crisp. I hope you have great weather for Halloween!

    • Thank you. It still feels like we are just barely throwing it together… but it’s a good group and the music will prevail. It sounds like you are practically on tour yourself!

  2. Oh yay! I love stories of trapped or injured animals that end well, and yours certainly did. You are so fortunate to have autumn color where you are. We don’t get much down her in Texas. Gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Shannon! I almost took a picture with my cell phone on the way home from work this evening because the trees in the neighborhood finally lit up…the sugar maples are really show-offs. As for the Kinglet I was really happy I was there to set him free, that made my day.

  3. So love you came across the GC Kinglet and helped him! ❤ Great shots for the day, Lisa! No matter it’s a cloudy day and not ideal for sightings and photos, I know you’ll agree it is always a soul refresher to be out with nature! 😊

    • Thanks so much, Donna! It’s hard to be stuck inside the office all week so I’m making a point of getting out whenever possible on the weekend. I need to be reminded constantly of where I came from! 🙂

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