Brief Winter Doldrums in the Yard

DOWP Yard 2-4-2018-5249

Female Downy Woodpecker

The snow was quite beautiful this morning, adding to the first four inches or so we received since Sunday. It was very fluffy and soft, which made me sorry I had no time to take pictures, let alone play in it, but word has it there is much more to come. I managed to hang out with the birds in the yard for a few moments on Sunday morning, when these pictures were taken.Feeders 2-4-2018-5380


NOCA Yard 2-4-2018-5294

A male cardinal remained distant.

The sheer number of House Sparrows is sometimes daunting.HOSP 2-4-2018-5392HOSP 2-4-2018-5415


The Goldfinches show no signs of disappearing.

After I was back in the house, I looked out the kitchen window a while later and a Cooper’s Hawk was sitting right in the Sumac. But the kitchen window between us was the only way it was going to let me photograph it.COHA Yard 2-4-2018-5438We are in for a foot or more of snow starting tomorrow night, which will present challenges for everyone, including the birds. Maybe I’ll get a chance to take pictures this time.

11 thoughts on “Brief Winter Doldrums in the Yard

  1. Nice captures Lisa. Today’s weather is good only for the fishes! Rain, rain and more rain! We even had a Tornado Alert this morning.:)

    • Thanks, H.J.! Sorry to hear you are inundated with rain. I don’t know why the frozen version seems cheerier, even though it’s impossible not to physically engage with it. But a tornado is something else. Yikes. Stay safe!

    • It will be interesting to see how empty the feeders are before the snowstorm. The squirrels have left peanuts in their feeder a few times this winter, which indicates things are really tough out there.

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