A Little Panama, a Little Protest

Great Jacamar 3-14-17-2198

Great Jacamar

I stayed home last night instead of going swimming because I just didn’t feel like going out in the weather again. It was chilly, rainy and windy all day and after a busy weekend it felt like a stay-at-home-with-the-birds night, providing me enough mental energy for combing through the Panama Pictures.

It wasn’t always easy to find the birds…when I was taking the pictures, or going through the pictures later. Like this Bay Wren below.

Or this American Pygmy Kingfisher.

Some were a bit more obliging, like the White-Whiskered Puffbirds below. Male on the left, female on the right.

Or the Scarlet-Rumped Cacique that took forever to finally turn around and show me the field mark it was named for. I’m rather enamored of its blue-ringed eyes.

Just as I almost got the White-Tailed Trogon in focus, it left.

Woodcreepers are unique, and the Black-Striped Woodcreeper below is particularly so.

This Rufous Mourner didn’t appear very mournful to me; I think it must be named after its song.

Rufous Mourner 3-14-17-2322

Rufous Mourner

Below is a somewhat distant Masked Tityra.

Masked Tityra 3-14-17-2366

Masked Tityra

Another beautiful skulker below, a Chestnut-Backed Antbird. When I see an antbird I always feel like a Peeping Tom.

Mealy Parrots are fairly common in Central and South America, but I find them beautiful and wish they had a more attractive name.

Below, one of many Mantled Howler Monkeys that were hard to fit into a picture.

Mantled Howler Monkey 3-14-17-2280I know, I promised you Protest, so here we go with a series of some shots from the Science March in Chicago on April 22nd.

I think I’ll spread the Science March photos out over a few posts – likely marches will be ongoing all spring/summer/dare I say all year? and we’ll stay in the mood.

There’s a spring bird count to do on Saturday morning, choir on Sunday, and if it ever stops raining, the garden beckons. Stay tuned for more from Panama, spring migration, etc. Thanks for your visit!

9 thoughts on “A Little Panama, a Little Protest

  1. I must say that the capacity of people to come up with entertaining but relevant posters on American protest marches is very heartening. The birds were good too.

  2. Hi Lisa..great work on getting shots of the birds there and here! Love the birds and that little howler for sure! We had a great Science March here too. Need to post a pic on blog soon. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It’s a bit frustrating going through images of dense vegetation wondering what I was trying to photograph but I am determined to persevere. Looks like marching is here to stay…

    • Thanks! I would have done the climate march too but for the spring music festival. I forgot to mention that we looked hard for that Jacamar and then there it was. An elusive bird showing off.

    • Thanks so much, Donna. The Jacamar felt safe I guess behind that branch, so maybe that’s why he stayed around long enough for me to focus. That’s actually the story of my life with most birds. “As long as she can’t get the perfect photo, I’ll sit here.”

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