San Cristobal Island – Galapagos


Gray Warbler Finch

I am happy to be recovering from the cold from hell, so it’s time for a long-overdue post and luckily I still have pictures left from the Galapagos. Either I am getting old, not getting enough sleep or going through crow withdrawal – likely a combination of all three – but my resistance to these rhino-inconveniences seems to be less strong than usual. I have made it my New Year’s Resolution to go out more often during the work week and Find Crows. Crows will protect me against the ongoing assault to my spirit.

Below, a few pictures of a Blue-Footed Booby flying and diving.

These pictures are likely out of order, but our landing on San Cristobal was dry, meaning we could climb out of the panga onto steps at a dock. Needless to say we avoided the steps where the sea lions were sleeping (see farther below in the post). We then took a bus ride out to our hike.

A glimpse of the rugged lava-rock terrain.

The iguanas on this island are Galapagos Land Iguanas. They don’t swim. They are the color of the beach sand instead of wet rocks.

Below is a San Cristobal Lava Lizard. Found on this island only.

galapagos-lizard-07-15-2016-7013San Cristobal has its own mockingbird species. As far as I could tell, the “mocking” for all the species here applies more to their attitude than mimicry of other birds’ calls…

Galapagos Striated Heron doing its heron thing.

Why can’t all flycatchers be as cooperative as the Galapagos Flycatcher?

Flying over the beach, a Galapagos Hawk.


Galapagos Hawk

I felt very lucky to get a couple pictures of the Dark-Billed Cuckoo. Even here Cuckoos are not gregarious.

Our sought-after finch on San Cristobal was the Woodpecker Finch below.

More pictures of the Woodpecker Finch in action.

After lunch we sailed to Santa Fe island for the Vegetarian Finch.


Vegetarian Finch, Santa Fe Island

Back on San Cristobal, the Gray Warbler Finches are flower piercers and eaters.

The sea lions were everywhere.

The sea lion below left is covered in sand.

I have included a video below for some sea lion action and barking.

Somewhere coming or going we saw Manta Rays close to the surface. Our ship and the dinner sculpture are inset.

As San Cristobal has its own mockingbird, it’s only fair to give it more attention.


San Cristobal Mockingbird

I have a couple more posts to come from the Galapagos. It’s been challenging to spread it out over such a long period of time, but fun too. I never thought I’d say it — I wish I could go back!


9 thoughts on “San Cristobal Island – Galapagos

  1. Fantastic gallery of pictures Lisa! To see the bright sun and the exceptional blue sky reminds me four years ago when I was in the NorthWest of Peru almost at the border of Ecuador. I loved your pictures! Thanks for your great post. 🙂

    • Thanks for the great comment! It’s so dreary around here, I got more out of the pictures too this morning. I loved Peru and Colombia and now Ecuador. So many reasons to go south!

  2. I love the look of that warm sun!
    Glad to hear you’ve kicked the illness to the side. I’m sure getting outside will recharge your battery much more than a hard day at work… no matter how rewarding the work might be.

    • Thanks, Frank! No worries about work being rewarding at all… it’s mind-numbing. But true, it’s only a 10-minute walk to sanity. I’ll be on my way. 🙂

  3. So many fantastic captures, Lisa! Love all the wildlife you’re sharing from Galapagos!! I can totally understand why you’d love to return! Oh and the sea lion movie was great, just loved how they laid at the surf, I know how nice it feels to have the water rush around you too! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Donna! It seemed like how could you possibly repeat the trip-of-a-lifetime but now I’m sure there’s another level to the experience that would be more than worth repeating. Likely won’t happen but it’s nice to dream. 🙂

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