Let’s Escape to the Galapagos

vermilion-flycatcher-07-13-2016-8736There are plenty of places to see Vermilion Flycatchers and they’re probably not the first bird to come to mind when one visits the Galapagos, but did that stop me from taking way too many pictures of this one? Of course not!

My desire to escape is likely a shared sentiment, so I invite you to Day 4 of the Galapagos adventure. We spent the day at Isabela Island. In the morning we were at Volcan Sierra Negra and in the afternoon, at Punta Moreno.


welcome-sign-volcan-sierra-negra-7-13-16-0317Some birds we had seen before, others not.


Striated Heron

Nice look at a lone Whimbrel.



Yellow Warblers…

The cutie pie below is a Warbler Finch.

Small Ground Finches…

Woodpecker Finch…

The best opportunity for a picture of Lava Gulls was here.

Green Warbler Finch…

We got our first looks at Galapagos Giant Tortoises, for which the islands are named. Galapagos was a Spanish word for “saddle” which describes the shape of the tortoise shells.

At Sierra Negra the subspecies is guntheri.

giant-tortoise-07-13-2016-9197Below is a video of an interaction between two of these magnificent creatures, which might give you more of an idea.

We were also fortunate to get good looks at the Galapagos Hawk.

At Villamil, Punta Moreno, there was a nice colony of Greater Flamingos.

The dinner sculpture and the next day’s plans…

Three more days’ worth of photos to go. I’m off to a choir rehearsal this evening which should help distract me long enough from the incomprehensible reality to feel empowered by making a little noise.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Escape to the Galapagos

    • Glad you were distracted, however momentarily, from the ongoing circus. As it turned out, our rehearsal was delayed by an emergency service called for the congregation’s members who needed guidance or reassurance or perhaps just to exchange thoughts of solidarity in the wake of our political debacle. A man came in with his baby and sat through part of our singing. All fortifications for the long haul ahead.

      • I woke up this morning and the world hadn’t ended and I am hoping that this happy state of affairs will continue for some time in spite of every effort being made to create catastrophe.

    • I’m so glad I could provide a little distraction from the madness. In the face of such absurdity I think we have to remember what’s important. We are all connected. 🙂

    • Thanks so much H.J.! There may not have been a lot of species but in a way that was good because I feel like I got to know them and I will never forget them. And I got to feed my finch obsession!

    • Thanks so much, Donna! What’s really incredible is how tiny the tortoises start out when they hatch. They didn’t move much so I was happy to get the video and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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