Crow Celebration

Crows LSE 9-23-14-6575

As I was going through the accumulated mail this weekend, I found the latest issue of the Chicago Audubon Compass and as I was reading down the list of presenters at the upcoming Birding America XI which will happen on March 19, 2016, I saw that Kevin McGowan from Cornell University is the keynote speaker!! I am so excited! Kevin McGowan studies CROWS, and I found I knew a lot of what he was talking about from his video presentation last year, “To Know The Crow: Insights and Stories From A Quarter-Century Of Crow Study” which is still available for viewing on the Cornell website.

Hot Dog Crows 2-18-15-4617

Kevin McGowan was all excited about following the peanut tradition, but I wonder if he knows the power of hot dogs. I bought some new hot dogs yesterday to start off the cold weather season. I may start spoiling my crow friends later this week. In the meantime here are a few crow pix that didn’t make it into previous posts.

Crow LSE Park 5-1-15-8879Crow 8-19-15-9335Cookie Crow 2-17-15-4418

I can hardly wait to continue my crow study which always goes better during the winter months when there are fewer distractions…

Crow Grant Park 078_1

8 thoughts on “Crow Celebration

  1. I can perceive your delight when I read your notes about your friends the crows. I totally understand that! Good captures there Lisa! Why don’t you write a book about your friendship with the crows and illustrate it with your photos? It would be a cool book “Straight as the crow fly” 🙂

    • Oh HJ, thanks so much! I have so many books to write but no time which is why I have this blog, just to get me to the page every now and then. And there are already a lot of good books about crows out there. But I’ll take your suggestion to heart. Maybe start with a Crow Song… 🙂

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