Crow Post: Getting Caught Up with the Crows

Crow Face LSE Park 7-2-15-6010

It’s occurred to me, and likely to my Crow friends too, that I have not published a Crow Post in a while. It’s time to get caught up with the Crows.

Crow LSE Park 5-6-15-2

Murder of Crows Mich Ave 5-7-15-0021

A Murder of Crows over Michigan Avenue, May 17

Murder of Crows Mich Ave 5-7-15-0025

A small section of the Murder

I must admit I haven’t been out too much at lunch lately and when I have, the Crows have not always been around. The one day I went down early before work to see migrants back in May, I did have a small murder of Crows, if around 50 Crows can be called a small murder, as they gathered on a rooftop over Michigan Avenue and then took to the sky for a spring celebration.

Fledgling Crows, Lake Shore East Park, May 18

Fledgling Crows, Lake Shore East Park, May 18

I saw the first fledglings in May, and then we had such changeable weather. It’s safe to assume the crows were keeping a watchful eye on their youngsters and not parading them around very much.

Crow LSE Park 5-8-15-2-2AMCR LSE Park 5-15-15-0881

But last week I walked down to Lake Shore East Park with Crows on my mind and they materialized. Time to put in an order for more peanuts.

Fledgling Crow trying its wings

Fledgling Crow trying its wings

One Crow came and sat nearby. He settled in and I figured he was functioning sentry, but he also seemed to welcome my company as well. I think it’s my old friend Fuzzy. He sat on top of an electric box which I suspect runs the fountains or the lighting in the park.

Crow LSE Park 6-30-15-5861 Crow LSE Park 6-30-15-5845Crow LSE Park 6-30-15-5933

The flower beds have all been planted now, affording more places to stash peanuts.

Crows LSE Park 7-2-15-5993 Crow LSE Park 7-2-15-6028 Crow LSE Park 7-2-15-6010 Crow LSE Park 7-2-15-5983

The problem with the Crows is they aren’t afraid of the camera so I get lazy and take too many pictures and they get lazy too…

Crow LSE Park 5-18-15-2599Crows LSE Park 5-22-15-3026

On my way out I was greeted by a Crow at one of our favorite peanut deposit places (the distant crow out of focus, after he called in his buddies), the ledge across from the Radisson. I thought the human looking at her cell phone would prevent the Crows from landing, but they all seemed to know better than I did that she wouldn’t pay us a bit of notice.

Crows outside LSE Park 6-30-15-5948

I hope the Crows enjoyed the free Fourth of July concert last night in Grant Park. I’ll try to brave the heat tomorrow when I go back to work — we’ve finally crossed the threshold into summer weather — and see if I can hang out with them again in a shady spot. Now that the 50 pounds of peanuts have arrived.

Crow outside LSE Park 6-30-15-5959I took the picture below of the “Aqua” building, which is part of the whole Lake Shore East complex, on a whim on the 23rd because I go by it constantly, and it was a slow bird photography day. But now reading about the rooftop gardens and the limestone balconies I wonder how many of my crows visit. Oh to be a Crow in downtown Chicago.

Wave Building outside LSE Park 6-23-15-5572

17 thoughts on “Crow Post: Getting Caught Up with the Crows

  1. Thank you for sharing your crow fest! I like the last shot of the building. What intriguing architecture and nice framing on the part of the photographer. ;D

    • Thanks, Shannon! It’s funny because I can’t really get far enough away from the building when I’m carrying that 300mm lens but maybe one section of it is enough to give you the idea. 🙂

      • Shot with a 300mm! Even better knowing that. I think I like you more now knowing your flexibility. Cheers!

      • You should see me trying to take a picture of a butterfly with whatever that Tamron monster lens is (600, 650mm?) because I’m too lazy to get the closeup lens out of my backpack. 🙂

  2. I’m sure you were delighted feeding your crows peanuts, weren’t you Lisa? You love the crows and I’m sure they love you too! They most likely call you the peanut lady with the big zoom, they are very smart birds! Nice photos dear! 🙂

    • Thanks, H.J.! You know I don’t dare venture out without peanuts, in case there are crows. I’m sure they call me the peanut lady. But their indulgence is worth the price of peanuts. I love to watch the kid crows trying to shell their first. 🙂

    • Actually it works quite the opposite, Tom. I’m paying my crow tax by providing peanuts. They are smarter than I am, but that’s why I find them so attractive. 🙂

    • Be careful: it’s a plot, and soon the crows will be staring you in the eye and telling you stories and making you swear your allegiance to them forever and you will adore them. They do return the favor by showing up when you least expect them, or following you around or flying right by your ear and landing a couple feet in front of you. They will make you think you are the center of their universe, 🙂

  3. Great photos and I like the shot of the murder! It’s great to see that many crows in one place again. Their populations must be on the way back up.

    • Thanks, Vera, and welcome I know the lakefront crows have increased. I can remember when my friend Fuzzy was a juvenile himself and now he is either a parent or a helper. I love it too when they all get together and do their spring fling thing in the air.

    • Hi, Charlie – Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Your link to your facebook page isn’t working for me. But yeah, I suppose it’s okay for you to use the picture, I’m flattered…if you would send me a copy of the album when you’re done with it. Sounds great.

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