Crow 2-26-15-5273Perhaps setting clocks ahead an hour signifies spring to some. But the birds have been responding to the longer days for weeks. In particular I was getting used to being able to leave the house in the light, but now that the clocks have gone forward an hour, I have to give up and go back to leaving lights on timers when I leave at 7:00 a.m. The indoor crowd thought I was insane this morning to be getting up so early.

Crow 3-6-15-5688

I will be crabby about the lost hour of sleep for a while.

Crow 3-6-15-5723

The crows have been doing fairly well, I think. They seemed to like the omelette.

Crow 2-19-15-4687 Crow 2-19-15-4662

Friday I decided to see if they cared for organic bananas. I didn’t know there was a difference until one week I went to the store, there were no organic bananas for purchase, so I bought regular ones…and suffered with tasteless bananas all week. Next time there are no organic bananas I will wait.

Crow 2-19-15-4819

Okay, so they’re not Fruit Crows. Anyway the crows were not impressed by the banana. If anything they felt compelled to eat some of their peanuts on the spot, I suppose to make sure the presence of the banana slices had not altered anything.

Crow 3-6-15-5677

As much as my thoughts seem concerned with feeding crows I have been looking for nostalgia or craving catharsis or something like that. I stumbled across a stunning video of Hélène Grimaud playing the Ravel Piano Concerto in G and lavished a good cry over the Adagio which has wormed its way into becoming my favorite piece of music the past few years. Then reading a review of Bettyville by George Hodgman in the New York Times brought tears to my eyes. I think it’s all a pent up desire to get out and experience something more than cold, hard, stupid days.

Crow 3-6-15-5652 Crow 3-6-15-5651 Crow 3-6-15-5649

But going back to feeding crows, anyone who has not yet seen this story about a young girl who feeds crows and receives gifts from them should check it out. I was originally made aware of it by my friend Lesa and have since seen it cropping up all over the place. My crows haven’t heard about it though: as far as I know they haven’t brought me gifts. That could be due to the fact that I feed them in a public space and they know how efficient the maintenance people are about considering anything trash. But I like to think the bond I share with them is enough of a gift. Just the fact that they recognize me and announce my presence to each other before they fly in swooping gently overhead is enough.

Crows 3-6-15-5621 Crow 3-6-15-5691

So now, as if on cue with the time change, we are in the midst of enough of a warm up to thaw all that messy snow away. We go from the temperatures of the last couple weeks being colder-than-normal to normal-and-warmer-than-normal.

Crow 3-6-15-5731

Crow w hot dogs 3-2-15-5397Time is probably running out to be feeding the crows their favorite food, hot dogs. But they can count on peanuts year-round.

NOCA 3-6-15-5734 NOCA 3-2-15-5369 WTSP 3-2-15-5431

The little birds will be preoccupied soon and they won’t be looking for handouts anymore. But I’m not quite done feeding everyone just yet.

Crow 3-6-15-5697


8 thoughts on “Spring…backward

  1. You’re really spoiling birds with food! What’ll be next? Ribeye steak? Filet Mignon? 🙂
    Just remember that this poor guy in Georgia won’t be able to afford feeding birds like that!
    Nice to hear from you Lisa! 🙂

    • Thanks, HJ! I feel like I’ve been trapped in a vacuum the last week. It’s only the crows who get special treatment…and my house mates. I suspect the crows get their own steaks from the restaurant garbage… 🙂

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