Calm Before the Storm

Female Goldeneye Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1701The day before the blizzard warnings began, last Friday, was a calm, if cloudy day.  I managed to get down to the lakefront and even though it was overcast, a few ducks swam obligingly close enough for photographs.

Redhead Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1575


Fem Common Merg Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1536

Common Merganser Female

Redhead Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1607


Greater Scaup Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1572

Greater Scaup

Now it’s pretty hard to go anywhere without encountering mounds of snow to traverse, or icy and sloshy paths forged by foot traffic. It was hard to imagine being enveloped by snow until we were. I haven’t been out to see birds the past few days, only to shovel snow or trudge on in to work.

Common Goldeneye Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1632

Common Goldeneye

I wonder where these birds went during the storm. Maybe they were thinking of taking off like these Common Mergansers.

Common Mergs Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1668

Common Mergansers

In all, there were not a lot of birds, not even many Ring-Billed Gulls.

RBGU Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1694I hope to get back down to the lakefront sometime this week to see what it looks like and what birds are in the water, if any.

Common Goldeneye Monroe Harbor 1-29-15-1561In the meantime, this page needs some color.

NOCA Millennium 1-28-15-1285

8 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

    • Thanks H.J.! The duckies appreciate your concern for their welfare. Actually there was a nice rescue last week of a Harlequin Duck of all things–it was caught in some fishing line. The Elgin police and fire departments managed to get it into the hands of a birder who held it until the rehab bus arrived.

    • The weather extremes are bad for us all. When I was in Queensland years ago after fires I found the desolation they had caused depressing. The actual fires must be terrifying. Some of all of this is a natural cycle but I’m afraid the changes we have wrought will not be easily undone.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sheryl! I know, I am always checking the river when I get off the train in the morning to see if the water is flowing and if there are any surprises in it.

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