Rainy Day Crow Post

AMCR LSE 9-23-14-6575As promised, a little update on the Chicago Loop crows. As in previous years I seem to be a trusted source of peanuts and general interest among the juvenile crow population as they head into their first winter.

AMCR LSE 9-8-14-5444

Juvenile American Crow on the ledge near Lake Shore East Park – particularly recognizable as a youngster by its remaining brown feathers

The interesting thing to me, as their human provider, was the fact that they seemed to identify me in their earliest days of independence just a few months ago, and when a couple crows would approach me, I was unaware of having made their acquaintance previously. There were a couple individuals that I knew from their Lake Shore East Park nursery days, but too many others hanging out in other locations were recognizing me. So this confirms my suspicion that I am genetically imprinted on successive generations of American Crows as a Trusted Peanut Provider. I like to think of myself as an Honorary Crow.

AMCR LSE 9-23-14-6594


We do peanuts in several places but none are as fun as the cement wall that prevents cars and people from dropping down to the lower level where directly at present there is a vacant lot. I hope the lot remains vacant. It has a couple cottonwood trees and weedy patches where I have seen birds on occasion, albeit from a distance.

AMCR LSE Park 9-__-14-5458

A couple weeks ago I would encounter a few crows at a time, maybe up to four individuals. But now I have an army of 15 crows attuned to my whereabouts and they are often vying for peanut rights. I take these to be three or four family groups learning how to get along with each other. Or not.

AMCR LSE Park 9-__-14-5454

As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, the crows will pretty much have my undivided attention, and that is just how they like it. I like it too, I get to visit with them. In some way they confirm my existence. They know more about me than I do.

Peanuts on the Ledge LSE Park 9-22-14-6424

It will be fun to try out The Birdz Cookies on a new batch of crows. See if that’s genetically imprinted information too. It oughtta be.

Crows LSE 9-23-14-6612

Please pardon a brief weather update. We have had rain for three days in a row. Today it is tapering off a bit but still too cloudy for the camera. I made use of Monday’s rain by taking time to get a haircut. Tuesday’s rain kept me inside working. Today’s rain? I may go out for a drizzly walk with binoculars only, just to see if there are any birds left. This morning I could not even get a White-Throated Sparrow to respond to my call. Monday morning there was a little Winter Wren at 155 N. Wacker that almost looked like a field mouse. But you’ll have to take my word for it as I have no pictures.

AMCR LSE 9-23-14-6608

Crows LSE 9-23-14-6568 Crow AON-9-12-14-5753

Just as well, the light is a challenge now even on sunny days in Lake Shore East Park due to the shadows cast by the surrounding buildings. Might be time soon to check out Maggie Daley Park and see if there is any habitat surrounding the Skating Ribbon.

7 thoughts on “Rainy Day Crow Post

  1. So you’re the Chicago’s Crow Lady, the new super hero woman! Just kidding Lisa. I know how much one get to love birds. Thanks for your post! 🙂

    • Thank you. It’s very life-affirming to be recognized by these birds and they’re smart enough to make me think it isn’t just about peanuts. Although I suspect it probably is. But it feels great to be so trusted.

  2. I wonder if it will be a dominant gene? If that’s the case give it a couple years and you should be able to bring in a flock of crows wherever you travel!

    • The thought has occurred to me too (more, though, based on the “Inner Crow” concept), but so far I have not found that unfamiliar crows recognize me, although there seems to usually be some sort of mutual awareness like maybe we knew each other in another life. Also, even the crows that know me will only approach me if I am alone. So there may have been a few missed opportunities to run the experiment simply because I was in the company of other humans. 🙂

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